Jenkins : System Installed

System Installed: Install/Extract ZAP

  1. Download ZAP
    • ZAP releases can be found here.

    • The .exe of the version (ZAP 2.6.0 Standard) which was used to test this release can be found here.

      Notice: If you're using a weekly release, remember that the weekly releases are removed after a while (there's no fixed schedule for it).

  2. Determine path
    • Determine where to keep ZAP, in my case ZAP is located in C:\Development\OWASP\Zed Attack Proxy\2.6.0\

System Installed: Environment Variable

  1. Setup your %ZAPROXY_HOME% Environment Variable

    Info: Remember to add %ZAPROXY_HOME% to your %PATH%.

  2. Setup your %ZAPROXY_SETTINGS% Environment Variable

    Info: Remember to add %ZAPROXY_SETTINGS% to your %PATH%.

    Notice: Remember that if you're using a weekly release, %ZAPROXY_SETTINGS% will have a _D appeneded to the folder name.

System Installed: .bat Modification


Info: Ensure correct .jar is used.

  2. Add double quotes

    Required: The double quotes are mandatory if %ZAPROXY_HOME% has spaces. Otherwise it's an optional addition.

  3. Increase allocated RAM 

System Installed: Shortcut (Optional)

Desktop shortcut

Create a shortcut to %COMSPEC% /k cd %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% && "%ZAPROXY_HOME%\zap.bat" -installdir "%ZAPROXY_HOME%" .


Required: Name the Shortcut Zed Attack Proxy. Once created:

  1. Right click on it and open properties
  2. Go to Shortcut tab
  3. Click on Advanced...
  4. Select Run as administrator
  5. Save your changes

Info: If this works then it should also work from Jenkins.

System Installed: Job Configuration



  1. Select System Installed
  2. Specify ZAP Home
  3. Specify Initialization Timeout
  4. Add ZAP command line options
    • Please see HelpCmdline for more information.

      Notice: Adding ZAP command line options can interfere with other UI option of the plugin. USE WITH CAUTION.

      Notice: The only required command line option is installdir as indicated above. If %ZAPROXY_HOME% contains spaces in the path, remember to use double quotes as indicated in the illustration above.


ZAPROXY_HOME.png (image/png)
ZAPROXY_BAT.png (image/png)
ZAPROXY_SELECT.png (image/png)
ZAPROXY_BAT.png (image/png)
ZAPROXY_HOME.png (image/png)
ZAPROXY_SELECT.png (image/png)
ZAPROXY_HOME.png (image/png)
ZAPROXY_SETTINGS.png (image/png)