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Plugin Information

View Sidebar Link on the plugin site for more information.

Older versions of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before using an older version:

Add links in the sidebar of the Jenkins main page, view tabs and project pages.This simple plugin adds an Additional Sidebar Links section in the main Jenkins configuration page, with settings for link URLs, texts and icons. These links will be shown in the top-level Jenkins pages (main page, user list, build history, My Projects and other project view tabs). Sidebar links for particular jobs may also be added in the job configuration pages.

  • Add support of Sidebar links for Jenkins Pipeline and other project types (JENKINS-33458)
  • Fix displaying of saved URL values in the configuration pages (JENKINS-45451, regression in 1.9)
  • Remove stray ">" showing up on job config page.
  • Update for Jenkins.
  • Add option for sidebar links in project pages. (JENKINS-7298)
  • Add ability to upload image files into JENKINS_HOME/userContent directory from global config page. (JENKINS-8320)
  • Japanese translation
  • Add help text about how to use icon images placed in HUDSON_HOME/userContent directory, and for absolute vs in-this-Hudson URLs.
  • Update code for more recent Hudson.
  • Support for more than one link.
  • Avoid NullPointerException when plugin is installed but not configured.
  • Initial release.


  1. Unknown User (brucepainter64@gmail.com)

    Nice little plugin.

    One issue I see with the image having to exist in the applications images/24x24 directory, people who are running Hudson in the build-in Winstone servlet container won't be able to install their own icon image.  The other issue I see is for those that are running Hudson in a Tomcat or other servlet container, the custom icon images will be lost when upgrading Hudson.


    • Support for images directory to be in $HUDSON_HOME with the rest of the instance specific config files and plugins
    • Support links opening in a new window (target="_blank")
  2. Unknown User (msolnit)

    +1 for storing the images in HUDSON_HOME.  I couldn't figure out where to put them for my JBoss-based installation.  Also, allowing larger sizes would be great.  It's actually pretty hard to find a decent 24x24 icon for some websites.

  3. Unknown User (didi)

    nice one indeed, but as Bruce suggested

    (1) _blank would be nice to configure

    (2) Permission check (not all users shall see the new link - maybe just the logged in users...)

    1. Unknown User (brianswilson)

      I'd like to be able to target the added links to a new "_blank" browser window as well.  Pity we can't just yet.

  4. Unknown User (williamleara)

    +1 for storing the images in HUDSON_HOME

  5. Unknown User (mindless)

    Please file requests in the issue tracker.. they're easily forgotten here, thanks.

  6. Unknown User (mindless)

    To put the icon in HUDSON_HOME, put it in HUDSON_HOME/userContent and use /userContent/file.ext in the sidebar link setting.

  7. Unknown User (mindless)

    Hudson core does not support link targets (like _blank) or different icon image sizes. Hiding the link for anonymous user could be done (by returning null from LinkAction.getIconFileName() when link should not be seen), but seems like low priority (patch welcome..).

  8. Unknown User (princekarthik@gmail.com)

    Is there a way to have a sidebar link in one of the project pages instead of Hudson main page

    1. Unknown User (mindless)

      Nope. Try the doclinks plugin?

      1. Unknown User (mindless)

        This feature added in version 1.5

  9. Unknown User (ajaydwarkani)

    Screenshot of the plugin will be appreciated.

  10. Unknown User (telmo)

    I seem to be having an issue the the json format of the plugin?

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to instantiate class hudson.plugins.sidebar_link.ProjectLinks from {"links":"\"[{\"urlName\":\"http://dcaci.temp.net/documentation/skelly/rspec.html\",\"displayName\":\"RSPEC Test Result\",\"iconFileName\":\"graph.gif\"}, {\"urlName\":\"http://dcaci.temp.net/documentation/skelly/\",\"displayName\":\"Project Documentation\",\"iconFileName\":\"document.gif\"}]\""}
    ..... more trace back ....
    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to convert the links parameter of the constructor public hudson.plugins.sidebar_link.ProjectLinks(java.util.List)
    	at org.kohsuke.stapler.RequestImpl$TypePair.convertJSON(RequestImpl.java:627)
    	... 68 more
    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unable to convert to interface java.util.List
    	at org.kohsuke.stapler.RequestImpl$TypePair.convertJSON(RequestImpl.java:694)
    	at org.kohsuke.stapler.RequestImpl.bindJSON(RequestImpl.java:377)
    	at org.kohsuke.stapler.RequestImpl$TypePair.convertJSON(RequestImpl.java:625)
    	... 68 more
  11. Unknown User (ochedru)

    I would like the ability to specify the icon as a URL. It would be much simpler than uploading it to JENKINS_HOME/userContent.

  12. Unknown User (dsoa)

    +1 for specifying icon as a URL.

    The help text on the URL field mentions a form for upload.  I don't see that.  Here's the text: 

    Icon image to use for this link. May be a plain filename of an image in Jenkins' images/24x24 directory (such as help.gif, document.gif or refresh.gif), or /userContent/filename.ext for a custom icon placed in the JENKINS_HOME/userContent directory or uploaded using the form below.

  13. Unknown User (brianswilson)

    Has anyone else using Jenkins/Hudson noticed that sometimes the added links appear mixed in with the regular Jenkins links in the left sidebar?  When that happens I fix it be going to the Jenkins, Manage Jenkins, Configure System, screen and click on "Apply".  Suddenly my links are back in the expected order with the Jenkins links preceding the added sidebar links.

    1. Unknown User (champidead)

      Same problem here. It is like the added links are moving randomly.

      1. Unknown User (jl.pinardon)

        I confirm the random sidebar link position. Or, more precisely, it seems that once a position has been set for a given instance, it always remains the same. But the same link (I mean same text and same relative link within an instance) seems to be set randomly depending on the instance where it is configured.
        An interesting option would be to add a filed to choose between top or bottom of the menu. Or better, but perhaps less trivial, an option with a scrolling list of all the items in the left menu (which depends on both installed plugins and user access rights) where to choose the link after which the sidebar link must be added.

  14. Unknown User (jl.pinardon)

    Thanks for this interesting plugin.
    I think that another interesting option would be to restrict a link to admin people, or (same idea) have the possibility to only add a link on the Jenkins -> Manage page.

  15. Unknown User (musaffirlp)

    Nice plugin (thumbs up)

    But can we associate a side bar link to a build ? this plugin associate link to a project

    The link which i need to associate might be a dynamic one , may be the query parameters in the link changes for every jenkins build, and would like to associate such links to each build of the job, is there any way ?

    1. Unknown User (sbonami)

      Have you find a way?

  16. Unknown User (jielpe_fr38)

    It seems that sidebar link plugin does not support pipeline job. WHen editing the configuration of a pipeline job, the sidebar link option is not proposed.
    Is there a plan to support pipeline ?

    Nevertheless, thanks for the job !


    1. Unknown User (oleg_nenashev)

      It should be released in 1.10 in few minutes

  17. Unknown User (stuartjsmith)

    We copy a lot of our html build artifacts to a network location e.g. \\myfilepath\abc\index.html - it looks like this is not supported even with file:/// protocol, is there a possibility to support this?