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Plugin Information

View Show Build Parameters on the plugin site for more information.

Show the parameters used for a build on the main build page


This plugin is enabled by default once installed.  For new builds, the parameter values used for a parameterized build will displayed on the main build page.

Version History

Version 1.0 (6-Mar-2011)

  • Initial Version


  1. Nice plugin, very useful.

    Two things:

    • The build parameters shown should no be mutable - specifically the check boxes . it's a little confusing when you can change the parameters after the build was made
    • Doesnt work well with "Copy Artifact Plugin" when using "build selector for copy artifacts" as build parameter :
    1. Thanks!

      This plugin uses the built in capability of parameters to show them, so any change would have to be done to the core.  I'd recommend opening a defect in JIRA for that.

  2. I have a Node parameter (named 'WHERE') with the option to select multiple nodes.

    Let's say I select "Linux" and "Windows" at the same time. Two builds are triggered. On the page of the first build (Linux) everything is shown correctly, i.e. "WHERE: Linux". But on the page of the second build, the parameter name gets substituted with the parameter value, so it says "Windows: Windows". 

  3. Thanks for this very useful plugin. We use Jenkins as a bioinformatic workflow tool and parameterized builds is the norm. The end users are scientists and being able to see the parameters without too much Jenkins ceremony is quite important. One issue however, with file parameters the links displayed are not working. Clicking them does not 'download' or 'view' a file that was uploaded as part of the build (you return to the same page). After reviewing the hyperlinks it appears that recent versions of Jenkins use a different parameter URL for these (an extra parameters in the URL path). See below:

    Example: Not working URLs (from Show Build Parameters Plugin)



    Example: Working URLs (from Jenkins Parameter link)



  4. Suggestion: It would be better if the params were shown as soon as the build started, not only on completion. Edit:

    BTW, The correct github url seems to be:

    Edit: This seems to be the correct link for Open Issues (wrong component name):