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Plugin Information

View Short Workspace Path on the plugin site for more information.

Short Workspace Path Plugin

Use shallow directory hierarchy for build workspaces to avoid build failures on filesystems with constrained path length.

The plugin detects path length limitation for given node automatically and chooses to either use default (and potentially long) workspace path or hash based one with controlled length.

Plugin accepts Jenkins-wide configuration property org.jenkinsci.plugins.shortwspath.BUILD_PATH_LENGTH (defaults to 512) representing the desired minimal path length available in the workspace (regardless of the path length to the workspace itself). Whenever default workspace will not leave enough room in path name for the build, workspace path is shortened. Note that this plugin does not provide strong guarantee that BUILD_PATH_LENGTH will be always available, but it tries its best when it would not with the default algorithm.

The plugin has currently no effect on master node and never places short workspaces out of slave's workspace root.

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  1. Unknown User (dhananjayaarisetti)

    I am facing the error

    "The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.".

    how to resolve the error. i allready installed "Short workspace " . but how to configure that one. please do need helpful.



  2. Unknown User (olivergondza)

    There is no way to reliably prevent that from happening. With this plugin installed, you should see the $WORKSPACE was shortened. But that is as much as a plugin can do (making to error less likely to occur). If your node's RS root is too long or your build uses directory hierarchy with long paths, it can not help you (especially with windows path restrictions).

  3. Unknown User (vgimple)

    Has anyone used this success fully with MSBuild? I get paths like 


    which lead to subsequent

    C:\JenkinsMk2\workspace\tags/12.3db7b57c2\win32_vc14\build\win_vc14_win32\CMakeFiles\CMakeTmp\testCCompiler.c': No such file or directory

    → apparently the %2F gets translated to / by MSBuild