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Plugin Information

View Shared Workspace on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin allows to share workspaces by Jenkins jobs with the same SCM repos.

It should save you some disk space, if you have different jobs with identical repos.

How to use it:

1) In "Manage Jenkins"->"Configure System" find new "Workspace Sharing" block.

2) Add some Name + SCM Repo URL pairs. Save.

3) Go to the job configuration page, now you able to select "Shared Workspace" here.

4) Use ${SHAREDSPACE_SCM_URL} variable in your SCM url field.

Workspaces will be created as {node remote FS root}/sharedspace/{workspace name}

Known issues:

 - SCM polling not working for now, plugin should be improved.

 - sometimes, on fresh copied job, shared-space url parameter not saving to config on first "save", you should save job twice to be sure.

New in 1.0.2

  • Support for matrix-build projects


  1. Unknown User (walterk82)

    Can you please explain how the URL is using within the plugin?  I don't understand what value that I should put in this field.

    1. Unknown User (vestnik)

      The URL you specify in the shared-workspace configuration will be available though environment variable SHAREDSPACE_SCM_URL in a projet which uses this shared workspace. This variable is intended to be used as SCM clone/fetch/checkout/... URL in the SCM settings of your project.

  2. Unknown User (mrplatypus)

    Please would you explain how to set this up and make use of the plugin to setup jobs?

    Screenshots would be really beneficial...

  3. Unknown User (seanf)

     Can this be used with the Pipeline plugin?

  4. Is it working with the 'Git Parameter Plugin'? If yes, how have I to use it ('${SHAREDSPACE_SCM_URL}' doesn't seem to work)?


  5. Unknown User (oxygen)


    2 project share the same workspace and checkout the same repository in parallel, will it conflict?