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Using Search Box

Every page in Jenkins has a search box on its top right that lets you get to your destination quickly, without multiple clicks.

For example, if you type "foo #53 console", you'll be taken to the console output page of the "foo" job build #53. Or if you have "XYZ" view, just type "XYZ" to get to that view. The search box comes with auto-completion to assist you.

The search box is also context sensitive. If you are already somewhere in the foo job (perhaps you are looking at another build), then you can just type "#53 console" instead of "foo #53 console". If you are already somewhere in the foo #53 (maybe you are looking at test report), then you can just type "console" to get to the same page.

Case insensitive search

If you want the search box to be case insensitive, go to your profile configuration page (/jenkins/user/<your profile>/configure) and activate the corresponding option.
Please note that case-insensitive search is not available for anonymous (not logged in) users.

OpenSearch support

This search box feature is also exposed to the browser through OpenSearch, so you can install this search and auto-completion feature to your browser search box. This would further reduce the overhead it takes for you to visit a particular page in Jenkins.

Feedback appreciated

There's always a room for improvements in how Jenkins associates search terms with actual pages. your feedbacks are appreciated.

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  1. When I first tried this I was expecting more of a Google style search.

    I was expecting to be able to type a keyword from a build job (like something in the console out of a build, or something from the perforce SCM).

    It would be nice if that was possible

  2. Don't seem to be able to search using Wildcards like "RS.*LV2_[BFR]" in Search Box.

    Perhaps the search field could allow the use of regular expressions for more complex searches like  similar behavior when using groovy script console and listing all items.

    For example:

    for (job in hudson.model.Hudson.instance.items.findAll{ it =~ /RS.*LV2_[BFR]/ }) println;
  3. In its simplest form I expect to be able to search through the display name of builds. Also for our work it would be very useful to be able to search through build parameters. We use Jenkins as a workflow engine so all builds are maintained. Of course after a while this makes it difficult to find previous build results.

  4. Case sensitive? Really? Does it have to be?

  5. Being able to search against build name and or descriptions would be really useful. +1

    For example, we use to, programmatically, set the build name of some jobs to contain the issue # (say XYZ-012345) in our bug tracker. Being able to introduce it in the search box, getting the list of all the build related with that issue (for current job of for all the jobs in a view) would be awesome (and a expected behavior of that clever search box, I'd say). A basic "token based" search allowing the use of "name" and/or "description" as (optional) search delimiters would be perfect.

    Ciao :-)

  6. One problem with search is that it returns no more than 20 results and force you to press the "snow more" multiple times.

    I know that some pagination is needed to avoid cases where it would return 1000 jobs, but 20 is far too small for real world usage. We need a default is either configurable or at least having a decent size like 100.

  7. I would be sweet if I could enter a git commit hash and it would tell me which build that commit went into.

  8. Also the auto-refresh makes the edit field forget what the search text was.