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Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'screenshot' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

Shows a screenshot of a running build.This does not work for headless slaves. On Windows, it depends on having a user logged in (and screen saver disabled).

A possible issue? JENKINS-7074


  1. Unknown User (

    This is a nice feature.
    We have a number of machines running UI tests. With VNC we can monitor these machines as well, but in most of the cases just a screenshot to check status is enough.

    Screenshot shows up with Internet Explorer (IE8) but Firefox and Chrome does not display the image, they show a long list of characters.
    Mime-type is not send with the response. Firefox shows type: text/html. If that is added it can be viewed in other browsers as well.

    Update: I only observed this issue when running with winstone (standalone). Running with Tomcat it is working fine in all browsers

  2. Unknown User (

    Thanks, I added that.

    But please provide feedback through Jira or the mailing list. I only read this by accident...