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Plugin Information

View Run Condition Extras on the plugin site for more information.

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This plugin provides additional run conditions and integrations for Run Condition Plugin

Page contents


  1. Members of Jenkins CI community
  2. Oleg Nenashev (maintainer)

Features summary

Plugin integrations:

  1. Email-ext plugin
    • Conditional e-mail trigger
  2. Build-timeout Plugin
    • Conditional build timeout


  1. "Use extended timeouts for nightly runs"

Version history

Version 0.2 (05/04/2015)

  • (error) Classloading warnings in Jenkins logs during the startup (JENKINS-28150)
  • (error) "Run condition trigger" for Email-ext does not retain "Send To" information on Save/Apply (JENKINS-26005)

Version 0.1 (01/18/2014)