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Plugin Information

View Rich Text Publisher on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin puts custom rich text message to the Build pages and Job main page (for last build). Atlassian Confluence, WikiText and HTML notations are supported.

Build parameters values, environment variables and contents of specified files from workspace may be added to the message. Different messages may be configured for Stable, Unstable and Failed builds.




This plugin publishes rich text message for each build. Message for the latest build is also displayed on job main page.

Just add post-build action "Publish rich text message", pick formatting language and enter message text. Click "Advanced" button to configure separate messages for unstable and failed builds.

Embedding build-time data into text message

Build parameters, environment variables and files may be embedded into published message.

After the message is published it will not change even if configured templates reference some files from workspace. All embedding is performed in build tome, not in display time. Configuration changes do not affect previous builds either.

Build parameters/variables may be added into the text by using ${VARIABLE_NAME} placeholders. Environment variables can be embedded by using ${ENV:ENVIRONMENT_VAR_NAME} format.

There are two supported placeholders for embedding files: ${FILE:FILENAME} and ${FILE_SL:FILENAME}. The difference is that the first one embeds file as is and the second one skips all CR and LF characters (like breaks). In both cases file contents are rendered using the same markup language as a part of the the whole text.

File names are relative to the workspace.

Posting rich text messages on the Dashboard

Jenkins Dashboard view is provided by Dashboard View plugin.

Rich Text Publisher plugin adds two types of dashboard portlets: "Rich Text" and "Rich text published within a build". The first one publishes arbitrary rich text. The other one publishes current rich text message for the specified build. The latest build and the latest stable build may be configured as rich text source.

Note that "Rich text published within a build" portlet assumes that the build has "Publish rich text message" post-build step configured and executed at least once. Otherwise you will see empty portlet.

Change Log


Added pipeline support.


Updated Jenkins core version.


Added support for Dashboard View. Arbitrary and build-specific text may be displayed on the dashboard.


Bumped up mylyn library version. Now more Confluence tags are supported.


First version released.


  1. Unknown User (eldada)

    Great, simple plugin. Very easy to use!

    Is it possible to combine the ${FILE:filename} with a parameter so the filename can be a parameter like ${FILE:$MY_PARAMETER} or ${FILE:${MY_PARAMETER}}?

    When I tested, the MY_PARAMETER was resolved, but the end result was the text ${FILE:MY_PARAMETER_RESOLVED}.

    Any ideas how to accomplish this?

  2. Unknown User (rsennat)

    Same issue as by Eldad. It expands the env variables but the file contents are not displayed.


    Also in a multi-configuration this is not working, even when I don't use env variables and directly give the path.

    It would be good if these issues are fixed.


  3. Unknown User (generatz)

    Is there something I can do to cause the page to refresh immediately after the build is done - without clicking on something?

  4. Unknown User (fantastory)

    As I checked it does not evaluate jenkins enviroment vaariables like



    What would be realy is if it could find vaariables in a file.

    just exacly: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-22497

  5. Unknown User (edrandall)

    Can you add links to the references for the "WikiText" and "Confluence" markup styles that you support, please.  There are dozens of them on the web but which is the actual one?

    Also, how do I set the "Page Title".

  6. Unknown User (jfrancoeur)

    Hi!  Great plugin!

    Works and very helpfull inside standard freestyle project.

    How I can add the same functionality inside a multijob project?

    Thank you in advance


  7. Unknown User (fengsh)

    it didn't published to Dashboard View when the project build falied


    it has been published to the BUILD home page successfully.


    but it's not exists in Dashboard and the JOB home page.

    My Rich Text Publisher Plugin version is 1.4

    and My jenkins version is 2.121.1

    Thank you