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Plugin Information

View Raspberry Pi Build Status on the plugin site for more information.

Allows users to display build status ona Raspberry Pi via a multi-colour LED LedBorg


This project is for a Jenkins plugin to control the LedBorg module for the Raspberry Pi.
It uses the pi4j / wiringpi libraries to drive the GPIO pins.


  • Reflect all build states using an LED display attached to the GPIO pins
  • Custom colour to state mapping

Potential upcoming features

  • Custom GPIO pin to result mapping
  • Support for other SBC'supported by the pi4j library


Jenkins version 1.658 or newer is required.

Special Requirements

I have found various issues with the GPIO pins being addressable. These have been isolated down to which interfaces are enabled on the RPI. The minimum set appears to be:

  • SPI
  • I2C
  • 1-Wire

If you are having problems, make sure these are enabled (Preferences -> Raspberry Pi Configuartion)

This is correct as of raspbian_jessie_all_rpi_2017.01.11


To configure Jenkins for the RPI, see the following README

Version history

Version 0.7 (5-March-2017)

  • First generally available release