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Plugin Information

View Radiator View on the plugin site for more information.

Provides a job view displaying project status in a highly visible manner. This is ideal for displaying on a screen on the office wall as a form of Extreme Feedback Device.

Once the plugin is installed, click on the add view tab and select "Radiator View". The job selection options are the same as the standard list view -- either select projects to include or specify a regular expression to select the options. 
This plugin will be integrated with the claim plugin if it is installed - claimed failures are displayed in a column on the right.


This is showing a Radiator in 'Project' based mode - jobs with a common prefix are grouped together and represented as a single box on the screen. 

  • Green boxes are shown when all jobs are successful. 
  • Red boxes are shown when any jobs fail (including test failures). Links to the failed builds and details of possible culprits if known are also shown. 
  • Amber boxes are shown when jobs fail, but all failing jobs are claimed. Details of the claims are also shown. 

Hovering over the project name opens a list of all jobs relating to that project as in the top-left project. Hovering over the ? button provides configuration options. 

There are several different approaches to displaying the radiator, including non-project based and only showing failing builds - give it a try to see some of them. 


JENKINS-20415 causes views of this type to fail to be displayed (see JENKINS-20664 for details) if there are any multi-combination (matrix) jobs defined.

This applies to Jenkins 1.532.1 as well as some number of releases after 1.531 until 1.539. 1.40 has no compatibility issues.

As a workaround, when running on problematic Jenkins core releases, uncheck "Recurse in subfolders" in the view.

Open Tickets (bugs and feature requests)

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


Release 1.28 (06 November 2016):

  • FIX JENKINS-36320 Meaningless job names with Folders or Pipeline Multibranch Plugin
    • Now the "Full Name" is used to display jobs in radiators
  • JENKINS-36708 Wrong background image
  • JENKINS-33645 Improve Folders Plugin handling: selecting a folder will now recursively select jobs in it

Release 1.26 (16 February 2016):

  • JENKINS-26392 Support CloudBees Folders Plugin (Fix ClassCastException w/ Folders)
    • No full support. Only avoid crashing when selecting Folders.

Release 1.25 (25 January 2016):

  • JENKINS-32549 : Support the pipeline-plugin (previously known as the workflow-plugin)
  • (Technical details: plugin has been released using the new plugin parent pom, in version 2.1)

Release 1.24 (25 January 2015):

  • (info) Fixed a width issue appeared with Jenkins 1.593

Release 1.20 (24 September 2014):

  • (info) Upgraded to Jenkins 1.509.4 as a minimum version requirement

Release 1.19 (24 September 2014):

  • (info) 7d22fd5 : Added possibility to display headline on the dashboard with configurable text and size
  • (info) JENKINS-23306 : If no failing jobs, consider unstable as failures.
  • (info) Add a feature to be able to define a caption for the radiator
  • (error) JENKINS-23924: fix the broken UI.

Release 1.18 (18 January 2014):

Release 1.17 (20 October 2013):

  • (error) Radiator View plugin throws NullPointerException at ClaimWrapper.getClaimForRun(ClaimWrapper.java:39). JENKINS-20129
  • (error) Jobs not built are displayed as failed jobs. JENKINS-12460

Release 1.16 (17 October 2013):

Release 1.15 (12 October 2013):

  • (info) Config checkbox to display build stability icon in radiator. Pull request 8 from dhorbach.
  • (info) Some minor spacing detail updates. Pull request 10 from outdooricon.
  • (error) Remove dependency to Claim plugin that was introduced in release 1.14. JENKINS-19961

Release 1.14 (3 October 2013):

  • (info) Add support for matrix builds. Based on commits from pull request #1 from Henrik Lynggaard Hansen (henriklynggaard). See new screenshots for examples. JENKINS-8458
  • (error) Show unstable builds as yellow. Based on pull request #7 from antoniobustorff JENKINS-9772 JENKINS-10585 JENKINS-10614 JENKINS-10846
  • (error) use z-index to enforce radiator view always on top. Thanks to Nicolas De loof (ndeloof) for the pull request!
  • (error) Support for concurrent builds in claim integration. Thanks to David Pärsson (davidparsson) for the pull request! JENKINS-12661

Release 1.13

  • Gradients, shadows and other UI changes. Please feel free to send new CSS and patches to improve it!
  • JENKINS-8239 - Added a button in the top left to access configure and delete view links. 

Release 1.12 (18 April 2011):

  • Show list of projects as tooltip in project based views. Useful for figuring out what's in 'no project'

Release 1.11 (22 March 2011):

  • No code changes
  • Fixed deployment issue to ensure this shows up in the update centre.

Release 1.10 (17 March 2011) :

  • Modified to use div based layout to provide equal sized boxes.
  • Highlight time since last successful build more
  • Some tidying up of the UI (although still too cluttered!)
  • Created a sidebar to list claimed builds separately from the main builds, only showing the build name and claim reason.
  • Fixed creation of new views
  • Added an option to group multiple builds by 'project'. This is useful on systems with 100's of builds covering 10's of projects that are organised using a common job name prefix. 

Release 1.9:

  • Claim plugin integration fixes.

Release 1.8:

  • JENKINS-6507: If the claim plugin is installed, claim details are shown with broken builds.
  • Fixed a NPE calculating the culprit with builds that have been failing for many builds.
  • Spread stable builds over more rows, so they're wider to show more of the titles on installations with many jobs.

Release 1.7 :

Release 1.6:

  • Merged contributions from Lucas Cavalcanti and Ryan Shelley (see comments at the end of this page), with a new configuration option. These have increased the visibility of the builds and help with embedding in other pages.
  • Black background – Better contrast with build colors (red and green in my case)
  • More opacity when the job is queue
  • Heart beat when the job is building – an animation like the building balls
  • Build health icons
  • Hidden header and sidebars

Release 1.5:

  • Fix IllegalArgumentException when adding a new radiator view (JENKINS-5198).

Release 1.3, 1.4:

  • Include more information, based on Julien Renaut's work in the XFPanel.
  • Replaced layout with standard html tables to make better use of the space.
  • Optimised layout for installations with many (dozens) jobs.
  • Added configuration options to hide stable jobs or stable job details.

Release 1.2:

  • Include Progress bar on all jobs.

Release 1.1:

  • Initial public release.


  1. Unknown User (alex.dancu)


    What's the current status of this plugin? Is there a timeline for the features in the TODO? It is someone currently working on any of them?

    We intend to use this plugin exactly in the manner described in the plugin description. We want to display the status of the projects on a display, and when a build fails we want sound/flashing and extra information, like who is the last commiter for that project (the one responsible for the failed build).

    We want to contribute on extending it with the features stated above.


    1. Unknown User (mh@tildemh.com)


      The TODO list was just my list of ideas when I first wrote the plugin. I've not had enough time to start any of them yet, so please feel free to take it and improve it. Let me know if you have any specific questions on it, although it's all pretty crude.


  2. Unknown User (glennhalstead)


     I'd like to display an arbitrary lump of html (a pie chart) in each of the radiator job boxes.  How hard would this be to do?  Say if my judson job archive contained 'radview.html' it would be automatically placed in the radiator job box.

     I've upladed a jpg hashup to show the kind of thing that I mean.


  3. Unknown User (glennhalstead)


     I'd like to display an arbitrary lump of html (a pie chart) in each of the radiator job boxes.  How hard would this be to do?  Say if my judson job archive contained 'radview.html' it would be automatically placed in the radiator job box.

     I've upladed a jpg hashup to show the kind of thing that I mean.


  4. Unknown User (mattburns)

    Thanks for the plugin, it's really useful. We leave a screen in the office showing this page all the time.

    However, to save electricity I wrote a simple webstart app called screenwaker that only turns the screen on if the builds are not passing. I try to justify it here ;)


  5. Unknown User (lucascs)


    I did some modifications that increased the visibility of the builds. These modifications are:

    • Black background -- Better contrast with build colors (red and green in my case)
    • More opacity when the job is queue
    • Heart beat when the job is building -- an animation like the building balls
    • Build health icons

    I wanna know how can I send these modifications to you, if you like to add them into the main project.



    1. Unknown User (mh@tildemh.com)


      Could you send me some screenshots of the changes? I'm sure they'll probably be fine to add in though.
      Also, have you tested this on a variety of browsers?

      If you have svn access and think it's all ok, commit the changes, otherwise email them to me and I'll put them in for you.


      1. Unknown User (lucascs)

        Hi Mark,

        I don't have svn access, but if you're familiar with git, I pushed my modifications into github:


        But I can email them to you either.

        I've only tested on Firefox 3.6 and Chrome... The heart-beat animation will only work on browsers that support opacity, -moz-opacity and -webkit-opacity css properties.

        The other modifications are not browser dependent.




  6. Unknown User (rshelley)

    Thought I'd chime in with a tweak I made to main.jelly, and think this would be a great configurable option, which is to hide the Hudson header. We pull the Radiator view into a Confluence Wiki so business owners can view the status along with other build-related information and didn't need the header included. To hide the header, I added the following style after the meta refresh:

    	<style type="text/css">
    			padding: 0px;
  7. Unknown User (peter.x.kreidermacher@healthpartners.com)

    Hi Mark,

    Have there been any thought to adding sounds to the changes that can be played on the console showing the radiator view?


  8. Unknown User (pablaasmo)

    I have a problem with icons in this plugin. It seems like they expect it to be on the root of the webserver, but Hudson is not necessary installed on the root of the webserver.

    Should not image-links (and possibly other links) refer to <HUDSON_ROOT>/images/.... instead of /images/... ?

    I would put this in as a bug, but when going to the issue tracker I see that there is not issues for this plugin and when trying to enter one I can only choose Hudson and not the plugin for Hudson.


    Per A.

    1. Unknown User (pablaasmo)

      I see that this has been fixed in release 1.7, but where can I get hold of 1.7?

      How long before it is released on this site?


      Per A.

  9. Unknown User (kolodzie)


    I have installed radiator plug - in  version  1.7 and when I am trying to add some jobs to the view i receive 500 error code form server but if the view is empty I mean with no jobs, page is loaded with some comments like" job need to be added". I have been playing with versions from 1.7 to 1.2 and just version 1.2 works properly.

    In every version different form 1.2 i received the same exception:

    org.apache.commons.jelly.JellyTagException: file:/opt/hudson2/plugins/radiatorviewplugin/WEB-INF/classes/hudson/model/RadiatorView/main.jelly:37:65:&nbsp; method sortFailing threw exception: tried to access field hudson.model.Result.ordinal from class hudson.model.ViewEntry
        at org.apache.commons.jelly.tags.core.InvokeTag.doTag(InvokeTag.java:109)
        at org.apache.commons.jelly.impl.TagScript.run(TagScript.java:262)
        at org.apache.commons.jelly.impl.ScriptBlock.run(ScriptBlock.java:95)
        at org.apache.commons.jelly.TagSupport.invokeBody(TagSupport.java:186)
        at org.apache.commons.jelly.tags.core.IfTag.doTag(IfTag.java:42)
        at org.apache.commons.jelly.impl.TagScript.run(TagScript.java:262)
        at org.apache.commons.jelly.impl.ScriptBlock.run(ScriptBlock.java:95)
        at org.apache.commons.jelly.TagSupport.invokeBody(TagSupport.java:186)
        at org.apache.commons.jelly.impl.StaticTag.doTag(StaticTag.java:65)
        at org.apache.commons.jelly.impl.StaticTagScript.run(StaticTagScript.java:112)




    Does anyone has some idea what could cause this state. Isn't it related with some apache lib? My Hudson version is 1.327 and is working on Sun Solaris



  10. Unknown User (sagar.khushalani@nyab.com)

    Is there a way / can an option be added to change the colours being used?

    Awesome plugin though, thanks!

  11. Unknown User (jcarsique)


    How is managed the block size ? Especially red failing blocks which are too big: for example with 17 jobs, 1 failing, we got a very big red block and the stable ones are after the bottom of the page. Is it possible to reduce the red blocks size (there's currently a lot of unused space inside them) ?


    1. Unknown User (rugbyhead)

      You can edit colours, sizes etc in the jelly files within the plugin, but this would be a good option to extend the plugin with ;)

  12. Unknown User (nzhuk)

    Would be nice if this plugin would display the page as a full-screen web-app on iOS devices. Created a JIRA issue for this request ( http://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-8981 ). Will look into adding this myself if I'll find some spare time.

  13. Unknown User (dirkaholic)

    The plugin server only shows version 1.9 at the moment under http://updates.jenkins-ci.org/download/plugins/radiatorviewplugin/

    Additionally the latest link leads to "Not Found" page.

    1. Unknown User (howama)

      It looks like it silently ignored the deployment because I specified my username in both settings.xml and on the command line. Appears to have uploaded correctly this time though - should be in the update center within a day. 


  14. Unknown User (didi357)


    I have a Jenkins CI with over 30 builds and when i choose the black background, it doesn't overlay all the builds.

    Can this be modified or do i have to log a JIRA request ?


    1. Unknown User (howama)

      Have you tried with 1.11? 

    2. Unknown User (howama)

      Have you tried with 1.11? 

      1. Unknown User (pablaasmo)

        How can we upgrade to 1.11. I have 1.9 in our Jenkins server. When going to 'Manage Plugins' I do not see any update for this plugin.

        Why not?

        1. Unknown User (lshatzer)

          I have the same problem. So I found the actual hpi file in the maven repo: http://maven.jenkins-ci.org/content/repositories/releases/org/jenkins-ci/plugins/radiatorviewplugin/1.12/radiatorviewplugin-1.12.hpi for 1.12, which looks like it was just released. But it would be nice to get it back into the update center.

          1. Unknown User (howama)

            Looks like there was a problem with the deploy of v1.10 - it had the pom but no hpi or jar. I've fixed this and it now shows up in the update center (although the URL isn't pointing to this page yet - I'll fix that in svn).

  15. Unknown User (camjackson)

    Are there any plans to change the overall appearance of this plugin? The functionality of it looks great, but aesthetically... It could use some work.

    1. Unknown User (howama)

      There were a few changes in the recent releases, but no real plans to change it. Feel free to suggest better alternatives though (jelly patches ideally, but mockups interesting too if they're easy to apply). 

  16. Unknown User (pablaasmo)

    I just upgraded to 1.13 and discovered that the claimed builds functionality seems to have changed?

    The column that appeared at the right with claimed builds is not there any more. Is this by design or?

  17. Unknown User (pablaasmo)

    I just upgraded to 1.13 and discovered that the claimed builds functionality seems to have changed?

    The column that appeared at the right with claimed builds is not there any more. Is this by design or?

    1. Unknown User (pablaasmo)

      I just found from commit 3ea29a8b945f431609c5 :

      "Further UI Improvements. Removed claim column from regular view - show inline now instead. Show large tooltip with job names, status & links in project view"


      Is it possible to have that functionallity as an option in the configure view?


  18. Unknown User (cjbrew)

    Having a minor issue in version 1.13 with Firefox displaying the screen differently from other browsers (e.g. IE and Opera).

    A job with failing tests should appear yellow; in Opera  or IE this is correct but in Firefox (which we use on our Radiator) the ".failing" class overrides the yellow background and we see the job coloured red instead. Equally a job that is unstable but for whatever reason has the successful class applied in css is coloured green in Firefox.

    Disabling the style

    .successful {
        background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(center bottom , #407A4B 5%, #008A2C 53%);

    (or .failing equivalent) in the Element Inspector in Firefox fixes the problem temporarily.


    <Edit> I wondered whether this was desired/intended behaviour, after re-reading the documentation above.  It seems claiming a broken build does indeed remove the red colour, and the build goes amber. 

    However, when a build is successful but unstable (e.g. tests passing) my limited tests indicate that the Radiator shows the job in green. This is a bug, I think.

  19. Unknown User (jspang)

    I've noticed that if you have a build in the radiator plugin that has not yet run, it appears Red (instead of Gray). Is this by design?

    Part of our pipeline is to automatically create new jobs, so often times a radiator will have a job in it that has not yet run. Having this show up as a Failure is messing with people's heads!

  20. Unknown User (dankirkd)

    Is there a way to customize the font colors and such?  For example the test failures are red on a red background.

    Also, why do unstable jobs not show as orange?  They are showing as red.


  21. Unknown User (dankirkd)

    Doesn't recurse folders.