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Plugin Information

View Quality Center on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin allows Hudson to trigger HP Quality Center test sets.

If you identified bugs or want to submit enhancement requests, please use JIRA. The component for this plugin is the qc one.

About this plugin

If you are using HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11.00 or higher and QuickTest Professional 11.00 or higher, or if you want to call Unified Functional Testing (UFT) or Service Test (ST) tests, use the HP Application Automation Tools plugin.

This plugin allows to trigger HP Quality Center test sets as a build step and then to present the results in Hudson's UI like for JUnit:

This plugin currently supports at least:

  • HP Quality Center 9.0 (installation of QC/installation of QTP Add-in/triggering of test sets)
  • HP Quality Center 9.1 (installation of QC/installation of QTP Add-in/triggering of test sets)
  • HP Quality Center 9.2 (installation of QC/installation of QTP Add-in/triggering of test sets)
  • HP Quality Center 10.0 (triggering of test sets only)

Other versions may work since HP Quality Center's API is fairly stable across versions.

User guide

Configuring Quality Center client and QuickTest Professional Add-in installations

Before using the HP Quality Center build step, the plugin must be configured by (1) defining one or several installations for the Quality Center client tool and (2) one or several installations for the Quick Test Professional Add-in tool. You do this by going to the standard Manage Hudson screen:

Note: You can choose an automatic installer for both tools. In the case of the Quality Center client one, the installer will be downloaded from your Quality Center server. In the case of the Quick Test Professional Add-in tool, it will be downloaded from HP's update site.

Configuring the HP Quality Center build step

A job which uses an HP Quality Center build step MUST run on Windows.

To trigger test sets from a job, add an HP Quality Center build step. It is configured as follow:

Note: It's unadvised to change the value of the TestSet Generated Report Name field.

Once the build step has been added, it is stronly advised to enable the Publish Quality Center test results publisher. This publisher will read the test results from the file defined using the TestSet Generated Report Name field and will provide the Hudson integration like for JUnit.

Version history

Version 1.2.2 (not yet released)

  • Improved logs: Test steps are now displayed in the console output
  • Fixed JENKINS-12536: There was a NullPointerException in the Publish Quality Center test results publisher if no test results reports were generated

Version 1.2.1 (01/12/2012)

  • Fixed JENKINS-12384: There was an error while saving test set reports when multiple tests were run
  • Fixed JENKINS-12389: There was a NullPointerException in the Publish Quality Center test results publisher when some of the tests could not be run

Version 1.2 (12/07/2011)

  • Implemented JENKINS-11773: It is now possible to trigger several test sets in just one build step
  • Fixed JENKINS-12023: Quality Center plugin was failing when timeout was not set

Version 1.1 (06/20/2011)

  • New Run Mode and Run host fields to control where the tests are run
  • Improved logging: More information is brought into the generated test report
  • Fixed JENKINS-8098: Cf. the JIRA issue for a detailed description
  • Fixed JENKINS-9267: The RunTestSet script was failing if the Planned host name field was empty in Quality Center

Version 1.0 (10/22/2010)

  • Initial release


  1. Unknown User (conormull)


    I am trying to set this up to call a test set within QC but am recieving the following error:runTestSet.vbs(351, 9) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Object required: 'test'

    The job is able to login to the project but when I look at the tests being printed out before the calling to "Running tests" I can see each test name and id but no host machine in the host column. I am using QC version 9.2 and QTP version 10.0

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Unknown User (rseguy)

      Is your test set assigned to a machine on QC side? If it's not the case, then this is the cause of the error ==> The next release improves that (users will be able to define where to run the test set).

    2. Unknown User (mbeluet)

      Waiting for the new release, you can define were tests should run by seeting the planned host colum in your test set

  2. Unknown User (ajl44)

    Hi Folks. I'd made a request to our tech folks to please look into installing the Jenkins HP Quality Center Plugin. The response I received was that it is a Windows only pliugin.

    "I looked into this... it is only available for Jenkins running on windows. It requires vb script and activex components. Our Jenkins install is on linux."

    We're running RHEL, I'm not sure what version, but can find out. I saw some references to using the plugin on a Linux/Jenkins installation. Can someone point me to installation instructions or additional information on using this plugin with Linux?
    Or is it just not possible to do?

    Thanks all!

    1. Unknown User (rseguy)

      Hi Tony,

      This plugin requires Windows to run because of the way QC/QTP exposes its API: Through a Windows DLL and a VB API. As such, if the job which is intended to trigger a QC/QTP test runs on the Jenkins' master, then this master must run on Windows. If the job is intended to run from a slave, then this slave must run on Windows, but the master can run on what you want.


      1. Unknown User (ajl44)

        Thanks Romain. So let me see if I have this right. If the Jenkins master is running on Linux it can kick off a job using the plugin - if the slave is running on Windows? For example, we have Jenkins master running on Linux and our HP Quality Center is running on Windows. So if the Jenkins slave is running on the same Windows installation, the master Jenkins can call the test from the slave Jenkins. IS that right?

        Thanks again. Sorry if I sound confused - it's because I am!


        1. Unknown User (rseguy)

          Hi, you're right.


  3. Unknown User (jonathangrm)

    Hi guys

    I have set up my PC as a Jenkins node and set my dummy project to always build on my PC. My PC has QC 9.2 installed along with the QC QTP addon, QTP 10 and the test scheduler.

    From the Jenkins console of the build, I can see Jenkins getting into QC and seeing my dummy test within the test set I told it to run. I have created a little Hello World test to create a text file called hello world on my C drive. The test runs file when I manually kick it off in QC but when its executed via Jenkins, the test result comes up as a "No Run".

    I also created an empty QTP test within the QC test set but Jenkins is also returning a "No Run" on that one too.

    I have the QC Jenkins plug in to run as the planned host. I then have the test within QC set to run using my PC as the host.

    Any ideas? I'm guessing its something simply but i'm pulling my hair out with this one.

    1. Unknown User (jonathangrm)


      I hadnt set the "Planned Host Name" field in the test instance properties of the test within my test set.

      I was previously just setting the host value in the "Run on Host" field which is displayed when I select "Run" against the test.

  4. Unknown User (lionback)


    I'm trying to integrate QC10.0 and QTP to Hudson.Hudson is on Linux server. QC10.0 and QTP are all on windows server.

    Could you please tell me how to install QuickTest Professional Add-in 10.0 to Hudson.


  5. Unknown User (thies)

    Good work. You greatly helped us integrating our tests into jenkins.

  6. Unknown User (ypiriyev)

    Hi, we are using Jenkins 1.447.1 and tried using the QC plugin v.1.2.1. The Quality Center Client and QTP Add-in configuration settings are available in the Jenkins UI, but we were not able to locate an Add build step to configure the QC related information, including domain, project, credentials and test set details. In other words after installing and reinstalling, the latter fields don't seem to be available in jenkins.
    Is this a known issue with the two versions above (Jenkins and the QC plugin) or am I missing something?

    And will the upcoming release of the plugin be working with Jenkins 1.447.1?

    I'd certainly be happy to see it work with ALM11.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Unknown User (rseguy)

      Have you actually defined a QC and a QTP entry in the configuration settings? If it's not done, then the build step won't appear since it means it has no runtime to use for running the test sets.

      1. Unknown User (ypiriyev)

        Yes, we did define the QC and QTP in config. The build step wouldn't appear after that.

  7. Unknown User (linusdsunil)

    Seeking help in resolving the error: Could not instantiate test set scheduler.

    Setup has Jenkins 1.486, QC 10, QTP 10 on Windows Server 2003 SP2.

    I get this after successfully completing the login to QC. These are the messages it shows before the error message.

    Connected to server http://myserver.com/qcbin
    Logged in with user my.username
    Opened project MY\PROJECT

  8. Unknown User (sdetweil)

    I don't want to tie up a builder agent to run these tests as they may take a long time. (relative to a build)

    how can I make this asynchronous? launch test and exit?  don't want the test results back in jenkins.. using the QC dashboards.