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Purge Build Queue Plugin

Plugin Information

View Purge Build Queue on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin provides a mechanism to delete all jobs from the build queue at once. 

Ordinarily, you can only remove jobs from the build queue one by one.  This is inconvenient when the build queue contains many jobs.

This plugin adds a Purge Build Queue button to the top-level Jenkins page.

Click Purge Build Queue to clear all jobs from the build queue.


1.0 (released 2011-08-25)

  • fully I18N
  • initial implementation


  1. My users are not able to purge the build queue (they don't have admin rights on the Jenkins master). What level of user permissions are required to use this plugin?

  2. How do I use this plugin? Is it an API call? Through the GUI?

    1. I added an explanation to the above documentation.

  3. I would prefer this purge based on job name and/or folder. Purging all* jobs is greedy and undesirable. A button to each job area instead of the main screen would be better.

    1. Michael DeGuzis I would recommend using this script to achieve that:

      You can run this in the script console: Jenkins Script Console or trigger it remotely using Jenkins Script Console#Remoteaccess