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With so many plugins being written, more and more overlap/duplication of functionality is showing up. In order to clean up the list of plugins and make life easier for users, we should review plugins and when appropriate, deprecate those which have been superseded by newer ones. Deprecated plugins would be removed from the Update Center's available plugin list going forward. Note that some of these deprecations may already have been made, but without the Update Center change.

Actions taken:

Below is a list of possible deprecations:

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  1. Unknown User (housemaister)

    How does "Throttle Concurrent Builds" replace "Locks and Latches"? The very short description of "Throttle Concurrent Build" mentions only concurrent builds of one project and not of multiple.

    It would be helpfull to provide possible upgrade information when suggesting plugins for deprecation.

    1. Unknown User (abayer)

      I really need to update the docs for Throttle - its categories allow you to apply a throttle rule across a set of projects, replacing L&L.


      1. Unknown User (cbos.ec@gmail.com)

        We use L&L plugin to make sure a certain job is running and having related jobs not running. The related jobs are not running on the same slave, but test the same target machine.

        Some situations like this can be managed by blocking upstream or downstream jobs. But not in all cases (if up and downstream does not make sense as order does not matter).

        So a lot of cases can be managed by Throttling or by blocking upstream and downstream jobs, but not all situations.

        1. Unknown User (abayer)

          fwiw, the Throttle plugin can handle that use case just fine, with its Categories feature.

          1. Unknown User (cbos)

            Ok, I missed that part. Initial from a Job it is not clear that (based on system config) more options can appear for the Throttle configuration.

            Probably good if 'No categories' available is added to make clear that on system level categories can be defined.

  2. Unknown User (domi)

    just removing a plugin from the update center is not a good idea, we should inform the user that he has a deprecated plugin installed AND tell him about the alternative.

    1. Unknown User (abayer)

      Agreed. But we do also want to remove the deprecated ones so that new users won't see them. I've got some ideas/work-in-progress on this front.