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Write the know-how of compiling Xcode projects and exporting IPA packages using Jenkins's Pipeline function.

ステップ ガイド

  1. Import developer profile.

            importDeveloperProfile(importIntoExistingKeychain: false,
                profileId: 'XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX')
  2. Build the project and output the archive.

              xcodeSchema: "${PROJECT_SCHEMA}",
              ipaOutputDirectory: 'Release',
              ipaExportMethod: 'app-store',
              generateArchive: true,
              buildIpa: true,
              ipaName: "${BUILD_TARGET}",
              bundleID: 'com.example.TargetApp',
              developmentTeamName: "${DEVELOPMENT_TEAM_NAME}",
              cleanBeforeBuild: true,
              configuration: 'Release',
              cfBundleShortVersionStringValue: '1.0.0',
              cfBundleVersionValue: '1'
  3. Export the IPA file from the archive.

            archiveDir: "${WORKSPACE}/${repositoryName}/build/Release-iphoneos",
            xcodeSchema: "${PROJECT_SCHEMA}",
            developmentTeamName: "${DEVELOPMENT_TEAM}",
            configuration: "AdHoc",
            infoPlistPath: "${INFO_PLIST}",
            manualSigning: true,
            provisioningProfiles: [
                [provisioningProfileAppId: "${BUNDLE_ID}", provisioningProfileUUID: 'TestApp_AdHoc_Profile.mobileprovision']
                [provisioningProfileAppId: "${BUNDLE_ID}.watchkitapp", provisioningProfileUUID: 'TestApp_AdHoc_Profile.mobileprovision'],
                [provisioningProfileAppId: "${BUNDLE_ID}.watchkitapp.watchkitextension", provisioningProfileUUID: 'TestApp_AdHoc_Profile.mobileprovision']
            ipaExportMethod: "ad-hoc",
            ipaName: "${BUILD_TARGET}",
            ipaOutputDirectory: "AdHoc"
  4. Upload the exported IPA file.


When using "XCode's" Automatically manage signing ", various ways are required, so please note the points to be noted separately.