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Plugin Information

View Pipeline Configuration History on the plugin site for more information.

This Plugin tracks changes in your pipeline configuration on a build basis (including replay builds):
On each completed build built from a pipeline config (including libraries) which differs from the latest history entry, a new history entry is created.

These information are stored:

  • The Jenkinsfile (or the pipeline script if you're not using pipeline via scm)
  • Globally shared libraries
  • Shared Libraries accessible to the folder your pipeline might be included in.

The single configurations are viewable file-by-file with each file being downloadable.

You can also easily compare pipeline changes between two builds with a file-wise or all-in-one side-by-side or line-under-line diff view.
Restoring old configurations however is not possible, since that would require a modification in your Jenkinsfile and/ or library scm.


Index Page

Config Revision Overview Page

Single File Page

Single File Diff

All Diffs In One Page

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See Changelog on Github.