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Plugin Information

View Pipeline Aggregator on the plugin site for more information.

Allows the users to view the history of their pipelines with stage information (failed/In Progress/Passed) and the changes monitored)

  • 1.8 Added the option for showing only the last build of a pipeline matching the patterns
  • 1.7 bugfixes
  • 1.6 filter applied on full display name making it easy not to filter multibranch projects and branchest within its regex:  multibranch-project-name.+(branch1|branch2|branch3) #[0-9]+    
  • 1.5 fixed a bug that didn't allow multibranch projects to be filtered correctly
  • 1.4: fixed the auto-refresh
  • 1.3: Added option to remove the auto-scrolling of the commits 
  • 1.2: fixed the href issue and added auto-scrolling to the list of commit
  • 1.1: fixed an issue that didn't allow the folder or renamed builds to be displayed
  • 1.0: initial release a dashboard like view that selects only pipelines and presents the stages and the commits on each build.


  1. How can I get distinct or LAST build?

  2. Thanks for this great plugin! I really love this plugin and hope that it can be better!

    function reload_jenkins_build_history(tableSelector, viewUrl, buildHistorySize, useScrollingCommits)
    parameter viewUrl should seperate jenkinsUrl and view location

    It is because when you get stage status, the url will become viewUrl/jobUrl.
    It is fine if the view is in main page but other pages will mess up.

    To get info, it should be jenkinsUrl/jobUrl.

    If we can have a option that only show last build of selected jobs.

    Thank you!

  3. are this requests still valid?

    1. Yes Paul, I am looking for getting just a last build.

  4. Yes Paul , they are valid still, I am looking for getting just latest job from each pipeline job. It would be great if you release code for that. I am also working on that meanwhile.

  5. Is it now possible to filter the display only the latest builds? how shall the regex look in this case?

    1. I peaked in the diff for your commits and you have changed the formatting making it impossible to see the diff. 

      While I'm ok to reformatting of the code can you please do this in a separate commit so that I can spot the actual code changes faster. Thank you. 

        1. Thank you for the pull request i verified it and it works it's also going to be released in 1.8 

  6. Is it possible to mark stages that have not run (e.g. a stage that should run after a failed stage) in a different color then green? If for example in a 5 stage pipeline the 3rd stage fails, your pipeline would look green-green-red-gray-gray.

  7. I am using the version 1.8 & there are no colors in the view. Everything is displayed on a plain white background. 

  8. I'm running 1.8, and jenkins 2.73.1 LTS; The page has no colors; but also how can I delete this view?

    Is there a way to restrict this to certain jobnames?

    When I create the view there is no config page to specify options, its just churns for awhile then shows a page of the jobs with some details...

    I"m on win10 running chrome.

    1. There is only an option to include certain job name

      there should be a cogwheel in the top right corner where you can go to configs

  9. Hi

    I installed the plugin but I don't see any colors

    1. can you bee more specific also like show a screenshot of it 
      Jenkins version, 
      plugin version etc. 
      also a screenshot of your console view would be nice.