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Plugin Information

View Persona on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin lets you define custom personalities like Chuck Norris or Bruce Schneier just by preparing an XML file and a few image files. In this way, you can quickly define your CEO in Jenkins and earn some brownie points.

How to define a persona

By default, this plugin doesn't ship with any particular persona, so you need to define one before you use. To define a new persona, place your files in the following directory structure:

+- persona
   +- BruceLee
   |  +- persona.xml
   |  +- success.jpg/.png/.gif
   |  +- failure.jpg/.png/.gif
   |  +- other.jpg/.png/.gif
   |  +- icon.jpg/.png/.gif
   +- AnotherPersona
      +- ... same set of files ...

The image files can be of any image type. The 'success' file is used as a background image for successful builds, the 'failure' file for failed builds, and the 'other' file is used for all the other kinds of builds (such as unstable, aborted, etc.) The icon file should be 48x48, and is used as a small icon placed in front of a quote.

These files can be placed anywhere under $JENKINS_HOME/persona, so long as they are side by side to each other.

The format of the persona.xml file is as follows:

<persona id='djb' displayName='Daniel J. Bernstein'>
  <quote>Just because it's automatic doesn't mean it works.</quote>
  <quote>Be careful what you wish for you just might get it.</quote>
  <quote>I do engineering, not religion.</quote>
  <quote type="success">This is only for stable builds.</quote>
  <quote type="failure">This is only for unstable builds.</quote>
  <quote type="other">This is only for failed builds.</quote>  ...

"type" : build status such as 'success', 'failure', 'other' (case insensitive).

Reloading persona without restarting Jenkins

Send an HTTP request to http://yourserver/jenkins/reload-persona/ to have Jenkins reload your persona on the fly. This is useful when you manually added new ones or new quotes to existing ones.

Packaging your persona as a plugin

Create a plugin with your persona.xml and other image files in the top of the .hpi file. This allows you to easily share your persona with the Jenkins community.


Version 2.4 (Oct 2, 2013)

Version 2.3 (May 12, 2013)

Version 2.2 (Apr 16, 2012)

  • use prefix not to pick up a stale cache.
  • show jenkins icon with right bottom location.

Version 2.1 (Mar 5, 2012)

  • fixed that persona does not show up on Firefox.

Version 2.0 (Mar 1, 2012)

  • Reloading persona does not reloads existing persona quotes (JENKINS-8298).
  • Allow use of random persona instead of a fix one (JENKINS-8296).
  • Exception thrown during Persona finder on old format (JENKINS-10166).
  • Image is misplaced in background and long text shift right column (JENKINS-10167).
  • enables to select location to display a persona.
  • fixed several small bugs.

Version 1.3 (Mar 22, 2011)

  • Move background image to lower left

Version 1.2 (Feb 24, 2011)

  • Supported a different quote set for each build result(JENKINS-7838).
  • Increased the icon size to 48x48.
  • Allow packaging of multiple personas as a plugin instead of only one (JENKINS-8297).

Version 1.1 (Oct 19, 2010)

  • Fixed a path handling problem on Windows
  • Removing a persona shouldn't result in a failure to load a job that uses it
  • Added an URL to reload persona on the fly without restarting Jenkins

Version 1.0 (Oct 17, 2010)

  • First version
  • No labels


  1. Unknown User (asgeirn)

    Might I suggest you increase the icon size to 48x48? That seems to be the more "standard" size used for other icons on the build result page?

  2. Unknown User (simonc)

    I'm having trouble getting the Persona plugin to work. I've created a directory tree and files for my persona exactly as specified, have run reload-persona many times, and have even re-started Jenkins a few times, but when I configure my projects and tick the persona checkbox, I am not offered any personas except the 'random persona' option, and no graphics or quotes appear.

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I guess I've done something obvious, but I'm not seeing it.

    I would suggest that the Persona plugin should be supplied with a basic 'sample' persona configuration, to help people get started. I know it should be a simple task to set one up, but if I'm struggling, I'm sure others must be as well.

    I would also suggest that the reload-persona URL should output some kind of report about what it's done and/or any errors it encounters (all I get at the moment is a blank page, which doesn't help me work out why my personas aren't showing up).

    I'm probably going to give up on this plugin now. As much as I like adding a bit of fun to the workplace, I need to get some work done, so I can't spend time fiddling with stuff like this. It needs to work straight away, or it won't be used.

    By the way, just for completeness, I'm using v2.1 of the plugin and have tried it with the latest Firefox and Chrome browsers.

  3. Unknown User (onebeartoe)

    Hi Simon, I put up a small how-to on this with a sample Persona.  Hope it helps: