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On February 6th, we will both have a hackathon (daily geek-meeting to code together) and a User Meeting (conference) on evening. The later require registration.



at Zenika, 51 rue Le Peletier 75009 Paris

starting at 9:30 till 7pm

Who's coming ?

Unknown User (kohsuke)

Unknown User (ndeloof)

Gregory Boissinot

Olivier Lamy

Emeric Vernat

Arnaud Héritier


  • UI improvement : tabs for job configuration, as an alternative to classic view  - will not replace (Nicolas)
  • GradleTrigger (Gregory)
  • review Tom Huybrechts optimizations (if not yet merged (smile) ): https://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/pull/342
  • I would like to have an overview of the project infrastructure (servers, services ...) by KK and/or rtyler to be able to efficiently help in case of an outage when UE is up (Arnaud)
  • Allow Appaloosa plugin to do a promotion on a previous build (not only the latest) - https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-11723 (Arnaud)
  • XCode plugin fixes and improvements (Arnaud)
  • To reduce the list of features/bugs we have listed from our company usages (smile) (Arnaud)

User Meeting


at Zenika, 51 rue Le Peletier 75009 Paris, starting at 7:00 pm (but feel free to join earlier to talk with Hackathon attendees !)

Registration required, see http://www.zenika.com/description-conference?confId=53


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