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  1. Unknown User (acecheesecr14)

    I would love to see how I can set up the Item-specific security. 

    I've attempted many a times to do this. But all have failed! 

    I am trying to make it so users can make their projects private.

    EDIT: Thanks for fixing the mailer!

    1. Unknown User (hyei)

      I was really glad to see job specific access rights that could override the global permissions matrix. Unfortunately I can't get it to work.

  2. Unknown User (bgriffiniv)

    [Using Jenkins 2.7.1]

    When I set up a Pipeline item with sh 'env | sort' in the Groovy script, I don't see any of the job ownership variables even though I have "Globally inject ownership variables" and "Inject Job Ownership Vars" set to true in Manage Jenkins > Configure System > Ownership.

    On a separate note, I have the Job Restrictions Plugin with "Restrict build execution causes" and "Restrict triggering from upstream jobs" set to true in Configure > Job Notifications with the rule set to "Job owners belong to list" where the User ID of the job owner is listed as the only allowed running user.

    At least, that's what I assumed that means because, despite the above settings, I can still trigger a build from a different job, owned by a different user, using build job: '<JOB_NAME>'.

    In this way, it appears that not only can I not restrict upstream job build triggering (Job Restrictions Plugin), I also cannot interact with job ownership, even though the ownership info does show on the main job view UI.

    One last thing, my admin user has Job and Node Global Ownership Management permissions but cannot see the Manage Ownership link in the job configuration dock on the left.  Is there something else that needs to be enabled to see this?  The admin user is of the admin role which has all permissions (Role Based Permissions).

    Could anyone please direct me to any discussions about these usability issues?  Should I submit a new issue?

  3. Unknown User (bgriffiniv)

    Please disregard