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OSF Builder Suite :: XML Linter is a very easy-to-use Jenkins plugin that is used to lint your XML file against a XSD file.

If you have a bug to report or maybe a feature that you wish to request, please do so on GitHub, on the project's issues page.



Just go to "Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Available", search for "OSF Builder Suite", select "OSF Builder Suite :: XML Linter" and click "Download now and install after restart" button.




Path (relative to the workspace) to the XML file you want to lint. 

Example: path/to/file.xml


Path (relative to the workspace) to the XSD file you wish to lint your XML file against. 

Example: path/to/file.xsd


Jenkins Pipeline Configuration

Here's a sample pipeline configuration to get you started:


You can also always consult the pipelines documentation available at or check the pipeline syntax link right inside Jenkins on the left navigation menu.


Version history

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