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  • New Relic Deployment Notifier Plugin

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Plugin Information

View New Relic Deployment Notifier on the plugin site for more information.

Jenkins plugin to notify New Relic about deployments.


  • An account at New Relic
  • API access enabled by creating an API key
  • Jenkins 1.580.1 or newer


Use the New Relic Deployment Notifier by adding it as a Post Step in you Jenkins build job configuration.

  1. In your Jenkins job configuration go to the Post-build Actions section, click on Add post-build action and select New Relic Deployment Notifications
  2. Create an username/password credential for the API key. Enter the key as the password.
  3. Select an application in the dropdown list.
  4. Add any of the optional values: description, revision, changelog or user

If you have configured everything correctly, Jenkins will notify you New Relic account of subsequent deployments.

It is possible to configure several applications to be notified.

Getting user as an environment variable

Install the Build User Vars Plugin and use any of the supported environment variables.



  1. Unknown User (jp_eh)

    is there a jenkins pipeline support for this plugin? I have a pipeline for production deployments and want to add NR deployment marker after the production deployment is done.   

    Also in you instructions at step 4, revision is required not optional. 

    1. Unknown User (mmchr)

      I have created two JIRA issues for these requests:

      JENKINS-57705 - Getting issue details... STATUS

      JENKINS-57706 - Getting issue details... STATUS

      Please create issues instead of using the comment system.