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Announcement, Registration, and IRC











Hack some more


Presentation of the results


Dinner at St. Emmeramsmühle

Project Ideas

During hackathon you'll work on your own idea (and existing devs will help you), but if you need some suggestions about things to do, here are some.

  • Better i18n/l10n, especially in plugins. Or tooling around it
  • Integrate modern graph/chart libraries to core
  • Proper pagination in the REST API (build history, project list, etc)
  • CLI command help improvements
  • In the console page, make the window title report the progress when the page is invisible
  • Similar to avoe use the favicon to report the progress
  • Review pending pull requests and merge them (just need to make sure that they aren't too broken.)
  • Add more recipes
  • Pre-fill jobs from information in maven poms
  • Auto-label slaves based on capabilities (connectivity, installed software), maybe using configurable groovy scripts
  • Job reaper plugin: display jobs that haven't been built for a long time
  • Try to fix a class loading race condition in Jenkins core JENKINS-12124
  • Integrate Credentials Plugin into Git Plugin
  • Fix / Replace Auto-Refresh 
  • Have a JBehave Plugin similar to the Cucumber Plugin
  • Build plugins using gradle (should be quite easy)
  • Have a mechanism - or extends Build Pipeline Plugin - to store metadata in a build chain
  • For the Git Plugin: Show changes inside git submodules on the commit details page (#6334 #11615)

Mini-presentation ideas

This is your opportunity to influence the developers. Tell us what you think should happen in the Jenkins development.

Which ones we'll do is subject to interest of attendees.

Artifactory with Jenkins Artifacts



  • fix German i18n (PR)
  • No labels