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How to migrate your old account/workspace/... to the new Jenkins infrastructure

Moving plugin development to Jenkins

Override the maven release plugin configuration

This is only for plugin that depend on a parent POM 1.387 and earlier. This prevents the release process from executing hpi:upload and hpi:announce goals, which fail.


Override the SCM setting

For plugins on GitHub, add the following entry in your POM:


You may also use GitHub https URLs if your corporate network blocks ssh connections.

For plugins still on Subversion, add the following entry in your POM. This is only needed when you depend on 1.397 and earlier.


Override the Maven repository location

Add the following declaration in your plugin POM:


Add a new server entry in your $HOME/.m2/settings.xml file, use your Jenkins account for this Maven repository. If you don't have a settings.xml yet, then use the following snippet as starting point:

<settings xmlns=""



Specify your Jenkins account user name and password. You may also follow these instructions to encrypt the password stored in settings.xml.

Specify new tools location in $HOME/.m2/settings.xml

Change <pluginGroup></pluginGroup> to <pluginGroup></pluginGroup>.

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  1. We have a Jenkins plugin under development that is able to migrate build jobs from AnthillPro to Jenkins Pipline. More information

  2. We already built the solution for migrating build workflows from Anthillpro to Jenkins. Our solution has already been used by several customers. See