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Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'exam' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

The Plugin is in development.

This plugin integrates the RESTapi of the Testautomation tool EXAM for automated test execution.

EXAM is a graphical test development tool. EXAM defines a comprehensive methodology based on UML to represent, implement and evaluate test cases. It enables you to graphically model test processes in sequence diagrams without programming knowledge. EXAM thus provides a uniform language for the representation of test events. EXAM is suitable for use in Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation (HiL), test bench automation and industrial automation as well as in embedded development and Software-in-the-Loop simulation (SiL).

Table of contents


  • EXAM
    • EXAM 4.4
    • RESTapi Plugin for EXAM
  • Jenkins-Plugins
    • shiningpanda
    • workflow-step-api


Global Tool Configuration

For this plugin to be used, an Ant installation must be specified in the global Jenkins configuration

System Configuration

Rest api PortPort for the cmmunication with the EXAM RESTapi
License Server Hosthost name of the license server
License Server Portport name of the license server
 EXAM Model Connection
NameIdentifier of this connection, which can be selected at the build step
Model NameName of the model known at the EXAM application server
EXAM versionThe major and minor version number of EXAM
Target Endpointurl of the EXAM application server
EXAM Report Connection
NameIdentifier of this connection, which can be selected at the build step
DB TypeSupported types are Oracle and PostgreSQL
Service/SIDOnly needed, when Oracle is choosen as DB Type.

Job Configuration

The EXAM plugin provides 2 build steps.

  1. Clear EXAM target (use this to clear all junit formated reports bevor invoking an EXAM test)

  2. Invoke EXAM (invoke an EXAM test)
EXAM VersionChoose a configured EXAM installation.
ModelChoose a configured Model Connection.
ModelConfigurationThe UUID of the ModelConfiguration since EXAM 4.6 with active versioning
delete projectIf selected, the synchronized python code of the choosen model will be deleted at the beginning.
Python VersionChoose a configured Python installation.
test objectUse the UUID, ID or full scope name of a TestSuite or TestCampaign from the EXAM model.
SystemConfigurationUse the UUID, ID or fullscopename of the system configuration class from the EXAM model.
configure Testrun FiltersDefine filter constraints for the given Attribute names.
configure loggingA log file is generated automatically during each test run. You can influence the amount of output that gets logged over the LogLevel.
ReportsChoose a configured Report Connection. If you choose "NO REPORT", there no report will be written to a database. The conversion of the EXAM Reports to the junit report format will be done at any case.
report prefixSets a prefix on the report name.
create pdf reportIf selected, the report will be exported to a pdf document.

Junit Report format

The EXAM reports are converted to standard junit format. To show the result at Jenkins add the junit report step with the following expression:

junit 'target/test-reports/**/*.xml'


The Plugin is in development.