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Plugin Information

View Mail Watcher on the plugin site for more information.

Mail watcher plugin

This plugin notifies configured email recipients on various events.

Recipients configuration

Plugin optional configuration section is attached to the watched entity and usually called "Notify when ...".

Configuration accepts list of addresses delimited by comas.

Watched events

Recommended Jenkins version for Mail Watcher Plugin is 1.554. Using earlier version (earlier than 1.551) will cause missing notification for events that was not supported in the particular version.

Job configuration

Notify when Job configuration changes. Recipients are configured at job configuration page. Recipients are notified when one of these events occurs:

Node online status

Notify when Node online status changes. Recipients are configured at node configuration page, section Node Properties. Recipients are notified when one of these events occurs:

Computer configuration offers two recipients lists for users to be notified on either online or offline event.

Implicit notifications

  • User is notified when the node he/she put offline becomes available. In other words: last build has finished and no new can be scheduled. (Since 1.551)



  • Optimization: Do not compose the message when there are no recipients (JENKINS-27503)


  • Correctly identify node and initiator of computer idle event.


  • Avoid assertion error thrown during maven build (JENKINS-28888)


  • JENKINS-23496: Notify user that put slave temporarily offline that it has become idle
  • JENKINS-23555: Fix NPE when no Reply-To address configured


  • JENKINS-23482: Globally configured ReplyTo header is not sent 
  • JENKINS-20538: No notification for master node going offline (effectively fixed once #1293 is merged to core)


  • JENKINS-20535: Subject for bring a node back online is misleading
  • JENKINS-23174: Links for jobs within folders are invalid


  • User identity tracked in 'Initiator' field
  • Links to job config history diffs included in messages when plugin installed.


  1. Unknown User (thennam)

    The plug-in send e-mail notification on update the configuration.

    However it doesn't send notification with the changes, we made.

    It will be great, if we have the information with the changes and the user who made the changes

    1. Unknown User (olivergondza)

      I am sorry for the delayed response.

      I guess it is possible to identify user in the e-mail. However, I do not see a simple way to track the changes that would not depend on https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/JobConfigHistory+Plugin. Plugin would send the difference only when JobConfigHistory is installed. Feel free to file feature request in JIRA.

  2. Unknown User (baranov)


    Where are plugin settings located. I couldn't find them neither in project settings nor in global Jenkins settings. It would be great if You added some screenshots.


    1. Unknown User (olivergondza)


      It should be enough to search for "Notify when" at job/node configuration page. I have updated the wiki with screanshots as you suggested.

      1. Unknown User (baranov)

        Thank you.

  3. Unknown User (casualt)

    The documentation is incorrect when it says "Configuration accepts list of addresses delimited by coma or a whitespace" ...well, it lies, it doesn't actually accept whitespace (it throws an exception).

  4. Unknown User (treybohon)

    At our organization we have a large label of desktop build machines for build CI.  When builds fail, we automatically send emails to perforce editors since the last successful build and to designated maintainers.  Developers have the option to "checkout" a PC via Jenkins default UI to take nodes offline, and with LDAP user lookup we can identify user names.  This works great because it saves build failure reproduction time, but it's not scaling well to human error - many people forget to put the node back online.

    The ideal solution that I'm thinking of is to automatically email the developer that checked out the PC every N hours.  So basically this plugin but notify on still checkout status every N hours and using LDAP to lookup the email address.  Has anyone used any other plugins to achieve this?  Should it going into this plugin?  Or should I just modify this script to run as a job.

    1. Unknown User (olivergondza)

      Please track this as JIRA issue. It definitely makes sense as a feature for a plugin.