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Plugin Information

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The Jenkins plugin for MATLAB® enables you to easily run your MATLAB and Simulink tests and generate test artifacts in formats such as JUnit, TAP, and Cobertura code coverage reports. 


  • Run MATLAB and Simulink tests in the Jenkins workspace automatically (including tests in .prj files)

  • Generate tests artifacts in JUnit , TAP & Cobertura code coverage formats. 
  • Run tests using custom MATLAB commands or script.  
  • MATRIX build support. 

Potential upcoming features 

  • Pipeline scripting support. 
  • Support for running tests on remote MATLAB hosts.

Product Requirements 

  • MATLAB version R2013a or newer.
  • JAVA version 8 or newer.
  • Jenkins version 2.X.

Getting Started 

For learning about the build steps of Jenkins jobs, refer to the README file in the MATLAB GitHub repository.

Version History

1.0.0 (8 April 2019)

  • Initial release

1.0.1(10 May 2019)

  • Jenkins run-time environment variables support in MATLAB script.
  • README updated with SCM configuration step for "Automatic" Test mode.

1.0.2(21 Aug 2019)

  • MATRIX build support. 
  • Plugin support for older versions of MATLAB till R2013a.
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