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  • Launching slave.jar from from console
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slave.jar is meant to be launched by Jenkins, typically through a remote shell like ssh/rsh.
Jenkins master then communicates with this agent through stdin and stdout.

slave.jar is not meant to initiate a connection to the master on its own, so if you are trying to run
it from cron or as a service, you are misunderstanding how this works.

% java -jar slave.jar
WARNING: Are you running slave agent from an interactive console?
If so, you are probably using it incorrectly.

See Distributed builds for more details.


  1. Then how to connect slave to master?

    Slave shows offline. And I have only a jar file : slave.jar

    slave-agent.jnlp is missing.

  2. Thanks Denys for reference.

    I am able to install JNLP file as "Windows Service"

    But after adding it as service I am getting below windows pop up after every 1 minute and all one can do is say - "Ask me later" or close window manually. But it appears again after a minute.


    How to get rid of this?


    1. Wiki comments are not the right place to troubleshoot issue. Please ask on the user's mailing list. Thank you!

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