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  • Launching slave.jar from from console
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slave.jar is meant to be launched by Jenkins, typically through a remote shell like ssh/rsh.
Jenkins master then communicates with this agent through stdin and stdout.

slave.jar is not meant to initiate a connection to the master on its own, so if you are trying to run
it from cron or as a service, you are misunderstanding how this works.

% java -jar slave.jar
WARNING: Are you running slave agent from an interactive console?
If so, you are probably using it incorrectly.

See Distributed builds for more details.

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  1. Then how to connect slave to master?

    Slave shows offline. And I have only a jar file : slave.jar

    slave-agent.jnlp is missing.

    1. Distributed builds has a list of possible ways.

  2. Thanks Denys for reference.

    I am able to install JNLP file as "Windows Service"

    But after adding it as service I am getting below windows pop up after every 1 minute and all one can do is say - "Ask me later" or close window manually. But it appears again after a minute.


    How to get rid of this?


    1. Wiki comments are not the right place to troubleshoot issue. Please ask on the user's mailing list. Thank you!