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Plugin Information

View Last Success Version Column on the plugin site for more information.

Adds a column showing last successful version that can be configured in views.

This simple plugin adds a Last Success Version selection when configuring the columns for views. The idea is that it parses the description of the last successful build for [version] and uses the text after that as the version number of the build. It also shows the date the event happened on (rather then the time since the last one). If the build description does not have a version number in it then it shows the Jenkins build number.

To set the build description use Description Setter Plugin.


Version 1.1 (02/Nov/2011)
  • JENKINS-11585
Version 1.0 (25/Nov/2009)
  • Initial release.


  1. Unknown User (packcat)

    As of Jenkins 2.150.1, this plugin does not display as link in All or any Views.

    Dec 5, 2018 11:29:05 AM (<a href="view/all/job/client-sprint-installation-from-team-to-nexus/52/">52</a>)

    Same for Last Failure Version column as well.

    Do as you see fit: Ignore, Investigate, or Submit ticket.

    Thank you.

  2. Unknown User (brianjenkins)

    Poor man's solution to the above HTML link issue. Install CJS plugin for Chrome and have it run this Javascript one-liner for you: