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This pages summarizes the status of the Jenkins ecosystem to run on Java 11.

How to contribute to this page

Given Jenkins has 1500+ plugins, this page is not meant to describe or link the status of every single component or plugins. Hence if you know the status of some component or plugin, feel free to add more information in the necessary places below.

Please note that this page is dedicated to the user-facing issues which impact the behavior. It is recommended to not set the labels for gradual code improvements and for minor issues like IllegalReflectiveAccess warnings in the system logs.

Known compatibility issues


(In case the list does not populate below, you can refer to the JIRA issues directly)

T Key Component/s Summary P Status released as

Various sources

JIRA issues are generally recommended for better tracking and ability to link between related tickets, but if there is not, you can still it below if a more free-form format:

  • Replace me

JIRA Triage by the Java 11 Support Team

Warning: this is a work-in-progress, please reach out to the team if you want any confirmation.

JIRA Filter used to triage new/existing issues: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/issues/?filter=19376

TL;DR: if you want to draw attention, making sure the java11 && scrub labels are set.

(java11 should generally be enough, but adding scrub will show even already Resolved issues. This could be useful for instance to draw attention on an already closed/resoved issue that you are not sure you should Reopen)