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This plugin provides a watch on upstream projects to trigger downstream projects once all the upstream projects are build & have stable status. Easier to join multiple project to trigger single downstream project. This plugin can be used with Build Pipeline, Delivery Pipeline etc. It solves complexity of merging pipeline flows from multiple branches to single.


  • Trigger downstream projects based on build stability of multiple upstream projects.
    Example: 'Job Z' will be triggered if and only if 'Job A', 'Job B' and 'Job C' are build and stable

  • Trigger can check stability of upstream jobs recursively
    Example: 'Job Z' will be triggered if and only if Job A, B, C, P1, P2, P3 and P4 are build and stable

  • Configuration is done on downstream job very simple. For downstream projects which depends on multiple upstream project to be build and stable.
    Example: Following is the configuration for downstream project for it to trigger once both upstream projects F2, B2 are build stable

Since the plugin keeps DependencyGraph intact, it is compatible with delivery pipeline & Build pipeline.

Plugin Information

View JobFanIn on the plugin site for more information.


This plugin can't detect if other Upstream projects were never build after first trigger from any of the upstream project.

e.g. Consider Project A , B, C all have last build's A1, B1, C1 and all are successful. Now if Project A was trigger and Job A2 of Project A was Successful So this will trigger Project Z considering Project B and Project C has last builds successful. However if any of Project B or C is currently running this will not trigger Project Z until this run is completed and finishes successfully (Depending on your trigger configuration)

This is a shortfall of this plugin.

Release Notes

1.1.4    Fixed issue: JENKINS-52296Do not persist Upstream Job list and DependencyGraph

1.1.3    Fixed issue: JENKINS-40151 - JobFanIn plugin "FATAL: null java.lang.NullPointerException". when new job is added as upstream dependency which never had build, Causing trigger from other jobs to through null pointer

1.1.2    Fixed issue: JENKINS-38267 - UI always shows default configuration

1.1.1    Fixed issue: Downstream jobs get triggered even when parent jobs are in queue

1.0       Initial release


  1. Unknown User (vincentdoan)

    The saved plugin settings in the job configuration are not loaded.   It looks like the constructor is missing the load() function.  Jenkins version 1.625.1 and JobFanIn version 1.1. 

  2. Unknown User (glennh)

    I'm trying to use jobs within cloudbees folders as the trigger using format: foldername/jobname.  I get an error: No such project.  Is it me or can jobs in folders not triger a job ouside of the folder?



  3. Unknown User (jpnunes)

    This plugin works fine but if you need it send parameter to the final job it's impossible yet.