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  • Job Creation Failure while triggering job from Azire DevOps
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2019-06-20T16:27:12.8172674Z ##[section]Starting: Queue Jenkins job: ADQA Test automation server.](
2019-06-20T16:27:13.3085386Z 879b6b12-f773-418c-b89b-b23fcf166eb9 exists true
2019-06-20T16:27:14.8600268Z Job creation failed.
2019-06-20T16:27:14.8600771Z HttpResponse.statusCode=400
2019-06-20T16:27:14.8601388Z HttpResponse.statusMessage=Bad Request
2019-06-20T16:27:14.8667785Z ##[section]Finishing: Queue Jenkins job: ADQA Test automatio

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