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  • Jenkins ALM Integration - Issue in uploading results to ALM

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Hi All,

I am getting a warning after my scripts are run and the results are about to get loaded in ALM as below:

WARN: there's exception while uploading C:\Software\apache-tomcat-8.5.23-windows-x64\apache-tomcat-8.5.23\.jenkins\jobs\XXXXXXXX\builds\26\junitResult.xml.

INFO: 'Upload test result to ALM' Completed. Build step 'Upload test result to ALM' changed build result to UNSTABLE

Finished: UNSTABLE

  • we followed the steps for Jenkins and ALM integration and given  below information in 'Configure' section of my Jenkins Build:

           "Execute MicroFocus Tests from File system" and given the folder path where standalone tests are kept.

  • I have then entered following value in the 'Publish MicroFocus Test Results section:
    "Always Archive Test Reports"
  • We have used 'JUnit' as our test framework and used '**/junitResult.xml' as Testing Result File value

What is going wrong in this scenario? I have checked and the xml file etc is present on the location with 'Passed' result in it. Is this happening because my Test Set folder name is incorrectly written or something?

Any help will be appreciated as we are new to this integration and still learning. 

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