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This plugin has been deprecated. Google Desktop has been discontinued, see http://googledesktop.blogspot.com/.

With this plugin, you can monitor your Hudson server from the comfort of your Google Desktop.
A Google Desktop gadget for viewing Hudson project statuses.  In the options section, simply add the Hudson server url and the job names will be auto-discovered.

This gadget uses the Hudson remote api calls, so should work against Hudson v1.92 and later.


Download the gadget package file from https://hudson.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectDocumentList?folderID=9066&expandFolder=9066&folderID=2761

On a windows system, simply double-click the downloaded file to have it register itself with Google Desktop.

Release Notes for 1.0


  • Issue #1799, hudson status gadget is unusable for a large number of jobs


  • In addition to monitoring the multiple main hudson dashboards, any tabbed view can be also be monitored
  • A scrollbar shows for a large number of jobs that would take more space then the gadget allows
  • Views can be collapsed to a single line with all jobs statuses of that view aggregating their status to the single view line
  • A refresh button has been added for manual status refreshes
  • Blinking build statuses are now animated

Release Notes for 0.9.5


  • Issue #1641, Hudson google gadget caching results
  • Issue #1642, Changing the google gadget hudson url is tricky

Release Notes for 0.9.0

New Features

Initial Release

Known Issues

On the options pane, to change the Hudson URL, you have to select the existing url, then type the new URL. Otherwise, google desktop will think you are clicking the link and will launch a browser to the existing address.

Creating new functionality

Download the Google Desktop SDK, http://desktop.google.com/downloadsdksubmit
Under /api/tools, launch the designer_en application.
From the designer, open the project by pointing it at the google-desktop-gadget, "gadget.gmanifest" file.

For a quick tutorial of how to modify desktop gadgets, look here: http://code.google.com/apis/desktop/docs/Tutorials/ModifyHelloWorld/index.html

Future Ideas

  1. Add in status of all slave nodes as a colored buttons (as an display option), so we know if distributed builds are not stuck in the queue if a slave is down/disconnected.
  2. Mavenize the project so special steps are not required to create the gadget bundle, version, deploy, etc. (The .gg packaging is just a zip format)


  1. Unknown User (tlarrow)

    It'd be great if you could see in just one line if all the builds were working, or if there was one or more that were broken.  We have over 30 builds in our Hudson, and I'd love to use this gadget, but to see the status of every build, it vertically takes up my entire screen.  Perhaps if the Title bar where it said "Last Update Time" could change color, blue if all builds were working, yellow if there were unstables, and red if one or more builds were broken.  Then the user could use the expanded view to see which build was broken.

    1. Unknown User (bentatham)

      I agree.  I have a similar problem that I don't want to take up all the Google Sidebar vertical real estate.  I suggest either an option to show only failing jobs, or sorting jobs to put failed (red then yellow then blue) builds at the top of the list to avoid the need for vertical scrolling if only a few jobs are failing.

  2. Unknown User (jblack@gestalt-llc.com)

    That sounds like a workable idea.  Thanks for the suggestion, I'll make sure the idea is captured in our issue tracker.  I would also like to get some more feedback on the gadget, so I'm going to post this on the hudson user mailing list.