Jenkins : Hudson Bay Area Hackathon 2.0


Time for another Hudson Bay Area Hackathon/Meetup! Back in July of 2009, we had the first Hudson Bay Area Hackathon - now, it's time for the second. The plan is to meet up, hang out, chat, hack code, and have fun.

Depending on the size of the group we might split into two groups, those hacking on Hudson and those hacking with Hudson. There currently isn't a set agenda however

If you are planning to attend, you can:

When and Where

We're having two days of fun - the afternoon/evening of Friday, March 19th, and again during the day on Saturday, March 20th or Sunday, March 21st - EclipseCon starts on the 22nd in Santa Clara, so if you're heading there and can get in early, we'd love to have you!

Friday, March 19th

Start time: 10am
End time: 5pm
Event on Facebook: here
Location: Oracle Santa Clara campus. The meeting will be in the "library" conference room of SCA7 "Mansion" building.
WebEx: Meeting Number: 201 389 367, Password: hudson (audio conference, app sharing, etc)
Overview: The Friday hackathon is a Hudson developer-oriented hackathon leading into the main event Saturday, conveniently scheduled for those who are working on Hudson on their company time. Meet up and hack on your favorite Hudson plugin or feature.

Saturday, March 20th

Start time: 10 a.m.
End time: 6 p.m.
Event on Facebook: here
Location: Hacker Dojo, Savannah room
WebEx: Meeting Number: 201 873 610, Password: hudson (audio conference, app sharing, etc)
Overview: The main event! Come meet fellow Hudson developers and users. Come hack on Hudson or hack with Hudson, there will be plenty going on for both circles

Hacker Dojo By Car

Hacker Dojo is located at 140 South Whisman Road in Mountain View, CA., if you're driving southbound on Highway 101 you can exit West Valley Freeway (85), if you're driving northbound on 101, you can exit on Southbay Freeway (237). See the map for more exact directions to the venue.

Hacker Dojo By Train

You can get near (1 mile) the Hacker Dojo by taking Caltrain to the Mountain View station, from there your best bet is to take the Lightrail to the Evelyn Station and then probably walk/hitchhike/cartwheel the last block or two. It is also a very nice walk/bike directly from the Mountain View station if you don't mind the 1 mile commute.

Oracle Santa Clara Campus By Car

See the map. There aren't enough parking near the SCA7 building, but there are two large parking spaces north and south of the campus that you can park.

Oracle Santa Clara Campus By Train/Bus

VTA Light Rail Orchard station is "nearby", although you have to walk a bit. Light rail connects to Caltrain in Mountain View. Kohsuke would be happy to drop you off at the VTA/Caltrain stations on the way back. There are two VTA bus lines (#321 and #58) that serve nearby.


As we get closer to the Hackathon, we're hoping to put together a list of low-hanging fruit or paper cuts - small changes/fixes that can be accomplished in a short time. We may also want to tackle some bigger challenges. We'll compile that list here.

Friday Agenda




11:00 am

Improving Client-Side Code Quality with YUI 3: A Proposal

Benjamin Shine

Saturday Agenda (please edit!)




11:00 am

Stablizing Hudson: An attempt to come up with a useful suite of upgrade/regression tests to run against Hudson

Andrew Bayer

1:00 pm

Living Large: UI Challenges with Thousands of Jobs

Benjamin Shine

Miscellaneous Topics

Do you have a topic you want discussed but don't want a whole slot on the agenda? List those topics here!

  • How do we do integration testing of multiple plugins that work together?
  • Can write Hudson tests as TestNG instead of just JUnit?
  • Any plans for TestNG support in Hudson?


Who ID




R. Tyler Ballance



Using Hudson for Python and Django projects

Andrew Bayer



Hudson hacking and infrastructure

Kohsuke Kawaguchi



Hudson internal

Nambi Sankaran



Created hudson plugins for internal use

Benjamin Shine


Fri + Sat

test result representation and parsers

Dean Yu


dean (dot) yu (at) gmail (dot) com


Hudson core, Subversion + other plugins

Alan Harder


Part of each day

Hudson core + a few plugins

Mike Rooney



NCover + HTML publisher plugin + minor patches





Madhanraj Meignanam




Sarthak Dudhara




Will probably develop hudson plugins in the future

Rajeshwar Patil



Will probably develop hudson plugins in the future

Kamlesh Patil


Developed couple of them as needed , want to be better

Be a helper

We will need a few people to help clean-up after the event Saturday and pitch in with a few logistical needs (fetching lunch, drinks, etc). If you can spare a few cycles, please sign up below (smile)


R. Tyler Ballance