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Plugin Information

View HTML Audio Notifier on the plugin site for more information.

Plays audio-notifications directly in the browser when builds fail


  • A browser that supports the <audio>-tag, works fine in newer versions of both Firefox & Chrome.


The global configuration page contains a section with the global config, which sounds to play etc.

There's an additional way to turn the notifications on/off per browser. This can be toggled by clicking the icon at the bottom-right of the screen.


  • .wav & .ogg files are your best bet
  • Make sure that the URLs are accessible, i.e. they give "200 OK" or similar responses
  • If all else fails, firebug is your friend


Version 0.4 (2011-11-25)

  • Added support for long-polling through the global configuration section. In this mode client requests are blocked until new notifications arrive, or until a timeout occurs. The end result is immediate audio feedback, without excessive polling.

Version 0.3 (2011-10-15)

  • added support for a new notification-type, success-after-failure
  • improved the enable/disable control (bottom-right of each page)
  • added a super mario theme
  • refactoring / cleanup, added more tests & an automated release-system for the plugin

Version 0.2 (2011-10-02)

  • support for playing sounds for successful builds, defaults to pop.wav
  • changed core-dependency to 1.425
  • added wiki-location to pom
  • two new sounds embedded, pop.wav & explosion.wav

Version 0.1 (2011-09-26)

  • Initial release