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Jenkins displays text depending on the language of the browser. So all you need to do is change the language of your internet browser.

Note that, depending on the browser and on the language, you might need to download addons. For example, for Firefox, see Changing the language pack.

Under Firefox, a tool such as Quick Locale Switcher might help quickly test various languages.

You can additionally change the system language (used when builds are executing), as well as the user interface language for all users by using the Locale Plugin.

See an old example of Hudson in French:

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  1. Unknown User (erimag)

    Is there a way to override this? Right now the Swedish translation is incomplete and I'd rather have a GUI completely in English than a mix of English and Swedish.

    1. Unknown User (mindless)

      1. Unknown User (ygbo)

        The issue with the "Locale Plugin" is that you need to administrate the Jenkins server. In my case I just simply can't install it. I don't have hands on this.

        My situation is the following: We work in an international environment, so we send each others some Jenkins info in English (and work in English), but Jenkins pop's up in our native language and I "need" the English version to send instructions to other colleagues from other "non English country" in the original version (which themselves will see Jenkins in a complete different language).

        But because translating to English from what is already a translation just leads to "strings" which even though can be "understandable" will simply not match the true "original version"... I have to set my Browser in English to have the Original Version in Jenkins, and back to my native language again after...

        This current design implies needing to switch browser settings back and forth just to have Jenkins in English... it really is unfriendly from a "web application". It's understandable for a "web site" but truly not not a "web app".

        I "need" Jenkins (and all of my company tools) to be in English, but want to keep my browser defaults to my native language. How can this be done when we can't install the plugin because we do not have the permission, and also because some other users want their native language and others don't (therefore we can not force English either)?

  2. Unknown User (thoni56)

    I have Chrome Version 35.0.1916.153 on Windows 7 and Jenkins 1.571. My browser has Swedish as the default language, as confirmed by other pages as well as what Jenkins itself suggests in the "Help us localize"-box. However all Jenkins UI is in English. No locale plugin installed, what am I missing?