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Does anyone have any idea, is there any HyperV Plugin available to integrate HyperV environment with Jenkins ?

I am looking for follwong details!

Is it possible to access HyperV environment from Jenkins ? if yes, is that possible to automate template creation steps from jenkins ?

Also I wanted to validate the template from jenkins.

Please let me know if these are possible and how ?

Any help is much appreciated.

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  1. Unknown User (yash_always23)


    I have overridden a jelly file (hudson/model/ParametersDefinitionProperty/index.jelly) in my plugin.

    When I run jenkins under this plugin directory, it runs fine.

    When I makes .hpi file of it and uploads to the server, it takes the jelly from jenkins core and not mine.

    How to display my page instead of jenkins core and why it is happening ?

    Please help.


  2. Unknown User (onkar_nimje)


    I configured my jenkins with the LDAP (Active Directory) user. It is working fine. Now there is new requirement of giving the permission of accessing the jenkins UI to other non LDAP user (user who is outside our network) also.

    How can i configure this this?

  3. Unknown User (pratibha23)


    for my android application i used jenkin, and gradle as building, testing tool. here i can successfully build, assemble, and install the app with the gradle, i installed emulator android plugin for jenkin, now i want to test the application , test cases are written in monkeytalk , i have separate java test project , please tell me how i start testing immediately just after installing app on emulator, that plugin now closing emulator after installation , i want to do testing on the same apk , on the same emualator.

    Please help anyone, very urgent..

    1. Unknown User (pankaj33464)


      can you please tell what tasks you are using to generate android build with gradle.

  4. Unknown User (pankaj33464)

    Can we configure windows mobile app with jenkins? if yes ,please tell  how to do it and please let me know for testing purpose can we do it without certificate

  5. Unknown User (chethu55)

    How to trigger Jenkins job when a change is made in Server folders?

    I want to trigger my Jenkins Job when a particular folder is modified in WAS server.Is there any plugin available ? I tried with 'FSTrigger' plugin but it is working only for local machine folder changes but not for server side changes. I am getting following message in FSTrigger floder log. Trying to monitor the folder 'https:\server_name\folder_path' The directory 'https:\server_name\folder_path' doesn't exist.

    Kindly help me on this.!!

  6. Unknown User (sudheernath)

    I have configured GitLab with LDAP,using LDAP credentials users able to push code successfully.My use case is I need to retrieve the user's user name who pushed the code recently.To be more specific lets assume user 'A' pushed the code using his LDAP credentials (username:example@xyz.com and password: ******),I have configured Jenkins in such a way that whenever code is pushed it triggers a build,now I want to retrieve the user name of a guy who pushed the code,here I need to get something like example@xyz.com.Is there any API that gives this result?or any other process that will help me?Thanks in advance

  7. Unknown User (mukund)

    Hi Everyone,

    Jenkins_Email Configuration.docx

    I am seeking help on How to send the email with the console output which is being displayed for every build. I am getting email when the build is failure but not when it is sucess. Do advice on how to proceed further. Please see the attachement doc for screen shot.



    1. Unknown User (lshatzer)

      Since doc files are commonly used as attack vectors, I've removed the attachment. Also, please use the mailing lists asking for help.

  8. Unknown User (nkrb23)

    Jenkin version: 2.19.2



    I am working with Maven project in Jenkins and i am new in it...

    i have two maven project in my local and my task is to build both the project using Jenkins.
    Among those two project, one is dependent on other... i was able to build fine the non-dependent project.

    Can some one please tell how to build the dependent project, 

    because i don't know how to link the dependent project to the primary one due to this i am getting error pointing functionality could not be found?

    (functionality is defined in primary project)

  9. Unknown User (bkr1990)

    Hello ,

    I am trying to copy the build files generated from my .Net sourcecode to a Windows server . The build files are generated in the Windows server on which the jenkin is installed.

    i tried using publish over SSH but it didnt help . I tried installing Publish by CIFS plugin . But I got java.net.SocketTimeoutException during the installation .

    Is there any way to accomplish this .

    Appreciate your help.


  10. Unknown User (mariocoluzzi)


    Honestly I believe sending an human to Mars it's easier than configuring Jenkins using Proxy.

    I have been trying for days on end to configure this bloody Proxy connection. All the documentation, both from Jenkins Community and created by users contradict each other, some "official" do not even apply because either obsolete, unclear or incomplete or completely garbage.

    I have installed Nginx, destroyed it, rebuilt it, uber-modified it . . . nothing, rien, night, niente! Hence I believe it's easier sending a man to Mars to deal with Jenkins and Proxy.

    It seems that issues is present for years but no-one has bother to fix it! Nice one OpenSource . . . .  not enough funds?

    Do you know the theory of monkeys? Given them enough time, by randomly typing keys on a keyboard eventually the will rewrite Shakespeare . . . .  well  I am a monkey with lots of time to spare and I have typed lots configuration one should have worked . . . . . . . . 

    Is there is a Guru on this planet of I do have to travel to a "Galaxy far-far away" to have a solution to this problem?

    . . .  no offence, please be in my position

  11. Unknown User (toralpanchal23)


    I want to store(not copy) artifacts of a specific jenkins job to a different location, is there any plugin available? I thought of trying ArtifactDeployer plugin, but it is not available under 'available plugins'. 

    1. Unknown User (toralpanchal23)

      I generated .hpi for ArtifactDeployer from its source and installed the plugin.

      This plugin COPIES the artifacts to specified location. My requirement is not to copy but to save artifacts in specified location such that it is also accessible from Jenkins interface.