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Continuously delivering an easy-to-use Jenkins with Evergreen
When I first wrote about Jenkins Evergreen, which was then referred to as "Jenkins Essentials", I mentioned a number of future developments which in the subsequent months have become reality. At this year’s DevOps World - Jenkins World in San Francisco, I will be sharing more details on the philosophy behind Jenkins Evergreen, show off how far we have come, and discuss where we’re going with this radical distribution of Jenkins. As discussed in my first blog post, and JEP-300, the first two pillars of Jenkins Evergreen have been the primary focus of our efforts. Automatically Updated Distribution Perhaps unsurprisingly, implementing the mechanisms necessary for safely and automatically updating a Jenkins distribution, which...
Jenkins Artwork at the DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 Community Booth
Hi all, this is my first blogpost on My name is Kseniia Nenasheva, I work as a Graphics Designer at CloudBees. I have been using Jenkins since 2012 as a QA engineer, and I am happy to contribute to the project. I have also submitted some patches to the core and plugins, and probably you have seen some Jenkins logos created by me, and some of you may even have them on your laptops. By the way, Ron Burgundy is my favorite Jenkins logo. This year I am going to DevOps World | Jenkins World in San Francisco. During the conference I will be working at the...
Want to know how Jenkins builds Jenkins? Catch this session at DevOps World | Jenkins World next week in San Francisco!
Next week Olivier Vernin from CloudBees and Brian Benz from Microsoft will be presenting a session at DevOps World | Jenkins World about how Microsoft has been working with Jenkins to build Jenkins plugins and produce Jenkins on Microsoft Azure. These plugins run Jenkins on Azure Linux and Windows VMs, Kubernetes, azure App service, as well as deploy artifacts to those Azure platforms and more. All are open source and available on GitHub. Here’s our session, where we’ll be sharing successes and challenges of getting the infrastructure up and running: Tuesday, September 18 Session: Developing and Delivering Jenkins in the cloud 11:15am - 12:00pm Brian Benz...
Jenkins and Kubernetes - Secret Agents in the Clouds
This is a guest post by DevOps World | Jenkins World speaker Mandy Hubbard. At long last, the way we build and deploy software is finally changing and significantly so. The days of the persnickety, prima donna build machine where monolithic applications were built, tested, and deployed are numbered. And that is a "Good Thing (tm)" - a consequence of how we will meet the transformation goals of our businesses. Modern applications consist of distributed services, often with multiple microservices that are developed and deployed independent of other services. However, the only way to build these services with their own dependencies and schedules is to bake...
Speaker blogpost: Jenkins Evergreen At DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018
Evergreen is a distribution of Jenkins we are working on that provides an easy to use and automatically upgrading experience. This year at the conference, there will be not just one, but two talks to present Evergreen to the Jenkins community: Continuously Delivering an Easy-to-Use Jenkins with Jenkins Evergreen, by R. Tyler Croy. Safely Upgrading Jenkins Every Single Day, by Baptiste Mathus. Tyler will present the overall Jenkins Evergreen architecture, its inception and how this aims at making it much simpler for people to just use Jenkins to build their projects, without having to become Jenkins admins. On the last conference day, during my own...

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    I have a problem when I build Jenkins with tomcat I'm using:

    jenkins version : 2.129
    tomcat version : 7.0.69

    And this is the steps  :

    1-change port of tomcat 
    2-copy jenkins.war in tomcat/webapp 
    3-finaly run tomcat