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DevOps World-Jenkins World 2018 Agenda is Live
This year the Jenkins project introduced a few exciting efforts: Configuration as Code, Jenkins X, Jenkins Essentials, Blue Ocean and Pipeline. With DevOps World-Jenkins World San Francisco and Nice only a few short months away, we’ve made sure to include plenty of sessions related to these exciting efforts on the agenda. With that said, the agenda for both cities is now live and will include workshops and deep dive sessions on these efforts and much more. Project contributors for these efforts will be present at both conferences as well, come say ‘hello’. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on the agenda: Workshops Building Continuous Delivery for Microservices with Jenkins X Creating...
Accelerate with Jenkins X
Jenkins X uses Capabilities identified by the "Accelerate: The Science Behind Devops" Jenkins X is a reimagined CI/CD implementation for the Cloud which is heavily influence by the State of DevOps reports and more recently the book "Accelerate: The Science Behind Devops" by Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble and Gene Kim Years of gathering data from real world teams and organisations which has been analyzed by inspiring thought leaders and data scientists from the DevOps world, "Accelerate" recommends a number of capabilities that Jenkins X is implementing so users gain the scientifically proven benefits, out of the box. We’ve started documenting the capabilities that are available today and will continue...
Security updates for Jenkins core
We just released security updates to Jenkins, versions 2.133 and 2.121.2, that fix multiple security vulnerabilities. For an overview of what was fixed, see the security advisory. For an overview on the possible impact of these changes on upgrading Jenkins LTS, see our LTS upgrade guide. Subscribe to the jenkinsci-advisories mailing list to receive important notifications related to Jenkins security....
Pipeline as YAML: Alpha release
About me I am Abhishek Gautam, 3rd year student from Visvesvaraya National Institute of technology, India, Nagpur. I was a member of ACM Chapter and Google student developer club of my college. I am passionate about automation. Project Summary This is a GSoC 2018 project. This project aims to develop a pull request Job Plugin. Users should be able to configure job type using YAML file placed in root directory of the Git repository being the subject of the pull request. The plugin should interact with various platforms like Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab, etc whenever a pull request is created or updated. Plugin detects the presence of certain types of reports...
Jenkins User Conference China Beijing Recap
This is a guest post by Forest Jing, who runs the Shanghai Jenkins Area Meetup On June 30, 2018 in sunny Beijing, the capital of China, we welcomed over 200 attendees to Jenkins User Conference China (JUCC). This is the first JUCC in Beijing and we are overwhelmed by the interest and love for Jenkins. The conference had sessions in DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Jenkins X, Pipeline, and Container. The GreatOps community, event host, invited John Willis, a thought leader of DevOps to deliver the keynote speech. John’s topic was "DevOps: Almost 10 years - What A Strange Long Trip It’s Been."...

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    I have a problem when I build Jenkins with tomcat I'm using:

    jenkins version : 2.129
    tomcat version : 7.0.69

    And this is the steps  :

    1-change port of tomcat 
    2-copy jenkins.war in tomcat/webapp 
    3-finaly run tomcat