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FOSDEM 2020 is coming
FOSDEM 2020 is coming and with it, a lot of great folks come in town. It’s always a great moment to meet Jenkins community members, share stories and get inspired. I hope that this year will be as great as it always been and for that, we organize a few things Things we’ll do During the whole event, we’ll be virtually on the Gitter On the Thursday 30 of January, there will be two workshops one about Jenkins Pipelines lead by Mark Waite, and a second one about JenkinsX by Viktor Farcic. On the Friday 31 of January, the Jenkins project will hold a Contributor Summit...
Atlassian's new Bitbucket Server integration for Jenkins
We know that for many of our customers Jenkins is incredibly important and its integration with Bitbucket Server is a key part of their development workflow. Unfortunately, we also know that integrating Bitbucket Server with Jenkins wasn’t always easy – it may have required multiple plugins and considerable time. That’s why earlier this year we set out to change this. We began building our own integration, and we’re proud to announce that v1.0 is out. The new Bitbucket Server integration for Jenkins plugin, which is built and supported by Atlassian, is the easiest way to link Jenkins with Bitbucket Server. It streamlines the entire set-up...
Happy New Year! 2019/2020 edition
Jenkins project congratulates all users and contributors with the New Year! Let’s take a look at some changes this year. Highlights We celebrated 15 years of Jenkins We had first ever Governance Board and Officer elections Jenkins project joined the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) We released Java 11 support in Jenkins Jenkins X has graduated as a Jenkins sub-project and became a new project under umbrella of CDF In October 2019 we reached the record high number of contributions: 915 unique contributors, 124 of them were first-timers We started new special interest groups for Documentation and User Experience. A new position of the Documentation officer was introduced to highlight an...
Google Summer of Code 2020 call for Project ideas and Mentors
Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is as program where students are paid a stipend by Google to work on a free open source project. Students work on the project full-time for four months (May to August). Mentors are actively involved with students starting at the end of February when students start to work on and submit their applications. (see the timeline) We are looking for project ideas and mentors to participate in GSoC 2020. GSoC project ideas are coding projects that university or college students can accomplish in about four months. The coding projects can be new features, plugins, test frameworks, infrastructure, etc. Anyone can submit a project...
2019 Jenkins Board and Officer Elections Results
The Jenkins community has recently completed the 2019 elections for Board and Officer positions. The call for nominations concluded on Nov 25 and the election results were announced in the developer mailing list on Nov 28. On behalf of the Jenkins community, we congratulate all elected board members and officers! We also thank all contributors who participated this year: all nominees and hundreds of voters. These are the first elections ever conducted by the Jenkins project, and it is a big milestone for the community. Election results: Ullrich Hafner, Alex Earl and Oleg Nenashev will join Kohsuke Kawaguchi and R. Tyler Croy on the Jenkins Governance...

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