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Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 2018
This year, the Jenkins organization participated in the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit at the Google office in Sunnyvale on Oct 12, 13 and 14, 2018. The GSoC Mentor Summit is where mentors of all organizations participating in the GSoC program are invited each year to learn and network with mentors from other organization, and make GSoC a better program. This is the second time Jenkins mentors have participated in the summit, the first time was in 2016. Exceptionally, three Jenkins GSoC mentors were invited to the summit this year. Normally only two mentors are invited, but when there are cancellations, Google draws a name...
The Silence of the Lambs: Inspecting binaries with Jenkins
This is a guest post by Michael Hüttermann. In a past blog post, Delivery Pipelines, with Jenkins 2, SonarQube, and Artifactory, we talked about pipelines which result in binaries for development versions, and in Delivery pipelines, with Jenkins 2: how to promote Java EE and Docker binaries toward production, we examined ways to consistently promote applications toward production. In this blog post, I continue on both by discussing more details on security related quality gates and bringing this together with the handling of Docker images. Use case: Foster security on given, containerized business application Security is an overloaded term with varying meaning in different contexts. For this contribution,...
Validate your Jenkinsfile from within VS Code
In my daily work I often have to create or modify Jenkinsfiles and more often than I would like, I make mistakes. It is a very tedious workflow when you make a change to your Jenkinsfile, create a commit, push the commit and wait for your Jenkins Server to tell you, that you have missed a bracket. The Command-line Pipeline Linter ( does a great job of reducing the turnaround times when writing a Jenkinsfile, but its usage has its own inconveniences. You need tools like curl or ssh to make a connection to your Jenkins Server and you need to...
What to Expect at the Jenkins Contributor Summit
The Jenkins Contributor summit is where the current and future contributors of the Jenkins project get together. This summit will be on Tuesday, October 23rd 2018 in Nice, France just before Jenkins World. What should those planning on joining expect at the event? Earlier this year in September we had a contributor summit in San Francisco which gave us a pretty good outline of what to expect. First of all it was one of the biggest contributor summits ever with lots of first-time attendees. Morning There are plenty of exciting developments happening in the Jenkins community, which meant there was a packed program. One of the most...
Build your own Jenkins! Introducing Custom WAR/Docker Packager
I would like to introduce Custom WAR Packager - a new tool for Jenkins administrators and developers. This tool allows packaging custom Jenkins distributions as WAR files, Docker images and Jenkinsfile Runner bundles. This tool allows packaging Jenkins, plugins, and configurations in a ready-to-fly distribution. Custom WAR packager is a part of the Ephemeral Jenkins master toolchain which we presented in our A Cloud Native Jenkins blogpost. This toolchain is already used in Jenkins X to package serverless images. In this blogpost I will show some common use-cases for Custom WAR Packager. History As with Jenkins itself, Custom WAR Packager started as a small development tool. For a long time it was...

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    I have a problem when I build Jenkins with tomcat I'm using:

    jenkins version : 2.129
    tomcat version : 7.0.69

    And this is the steps  :

    1-change port of tomcat 
    2-copy jenkins.war in tomcat/webapp 
    3-finaly run tomcat