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Jenkins is joining the Continuous Delivery Foundation
Today Linux Foundation, along with CloudBees, Google, and a number of other companies, launched a new open-source software foundation called Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF.) The CDF believes in the power of Continuous Delivery, and it aims to foster and sustain the ecosystem of open-source, vendor neutral projects. Jenkins contributors have decided that our project should join this new foundation. This discussion happened over the time span of years, actually, but a relatively succinct summary of the motivations are here. Now, as an user, what does this mean? First, there will be no big disruption/discontinuity. The same people are still here, no URL is...
Let's celebrate Java 11 Support on Jenkins
This is a joint blog post prepared by the Java 11 Support Team: Adrien Lecharpentier, Ashton Treadway, Baptiste Mathus, Jenn Briden, Kevin Earls, María Isabel Vilacides, Mark Waite, Ramón León and Oleg Nenashev. We have worked hard for this and it’s now here. We are thrilled to announce full support for Java 11 in Jenkins starting from Jenkins 2.164 (released on Feb 10, 2019) and LTS 2.164.1 (ETA: March 14th). This means you can now run your Jenkins masters and agents with a Java 11 JVM. Starting in June 2018, many events were organized to improve Jenkins code base and add Java 11 support. Beyond...
Jenkins is accepted to Google Summer Of Code 2019!
On behalf of the Jenkins GSoC org team, I am happy to announce that the Jenkins project has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2019. This year we invite students and mentors to join the Jenkins community and work together on enhancing the Jenkins ecosystem. Just to provide some numbers, this is the biggest GSoC ever, 206 organizations will participate in GSoC this year. And it will be hopefully the biggest year for Jenkins as well. We have 25 project ideas and more than 30 potential mentors (and counting!). It is already more than in 2016 and 2018 combined. There are many plugins, SIGs and sub-projects which have already...
DevOps World - Jenkins World 2019: Call for Papers is Open
This is a guest post by Skylar VanAlstine, who helps with the Jenkins Area Meetup program and assists with Marketing & Community Programs at CloudBees, Inc. The DevOps World | Jenkins World shuttle is ready for lift off once again. As usual, the sign of festivities looming begins with the Call for Speakers. Those who attended DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 know that DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019 is coming back to San Francisco, and adding a stop in Europe - Lisbon, Portugal. Jenkins World USA | San Francisco | August 12 - 15, 2019 Jenkins World Europe | Lisbon | December 2...
Run your Jenkins pipeline without operating a Jenkins instance
My job is to work on a Jenkins pipeline specific to SAP S/4HANA extensions running on SAP Cloud Platform. See the original blog post here. Jenkins is a powerful tool for automation, and we heavily rely on the codified pipeline syntax introduced in Jenkins 2. With regards to operations, we minimized the need for care with the cx-server life-cycle management greatly. Still, you need to run that Jenkins server. This means you’ll need to update the server and plugins (simplified by our life-cycle management), and scale as the number of builds grows. User administration and backups are also required in a productive setup. Is this really required,...

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    I have a problem when I build Jenkins with tomcat I'm using:

    jenkins version : 2.129
    tomcat version : 7.0.69

    And this is the steps  :

    1-change port of tomcat 
    2-copy jenkins.war in tomcat/webapp 
    3-finaly run tomcat