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Using Jenkins X DevPods for development
I use macOS day to day, and often struggle to keep my devtools up to date. This isn’t any fault of packaging or tools, more just that I get tired of seeing the beachball: The demands on dev machines grow, developers are now working across a more diverse set of technologies than just a JVM or a single scripting language these days. This keeping up to date is a drag on time (and thus money). There are lots of costs involved with development, and I have written about about the machine cost for development (how using something like GKE can be much cheaper than buying a new machine)...
Securing your Jenkins CI/CD Container Pipeline with Anchore (in under 10 minutes)
(adapted from this blog post by Daniel Nurmi) As more and more Jenkins users ship docker containers, it is worth thinking about the security implications of this model, where the variance in software being included by developers has increased dramatically from previous models. Security implications in this context include what makes up the image, but also the components of the app that get bundled into your image. Docker images are increasingly becoming a “unit of deployment”, and if you look at a typical app (especially if it is a microservice), much of the components, libraries, and system are someone else’s code. Anchore...
Jenkins & Java 10+ Online Hackathon. Day 2 Update
This week we have a Jenkins & Java 10 Online Hackathon. This is an open online event, where we work together on Jenkins core and plugins in order to find and fix compatibility issues, share experiences and have some fun. Everybody is welcome to join, independently of their Jenkins experience and amount of time they have available. After the kick off on Monday Jenkins contributors have been working on Java 10 and Java 11 support in Jenkins. We have already received contributions from 12 hackathon participants, and the number keeps growing. There are still 3 days ahead, but we have already achieved some important results we want to...
GSoC Project Intro: Jenkins Remoting over Message Bus/Queue
About me My name is Pham Vu Tuan, I am a final year undergraduate student from Singapore. This is the first time I participate in Google Summer of Code and contribute to an open-source organization. I am very excited to contribute this summer. Mentors I have GSoC mentors who help me in this project Oleg Nenashev and Supun Wanniarachchi. Besides that, I also receive great support from developers in remoting project Devin Nusbaum and Jeff Thompson. Overview Current versions of Jenkins Remoting are based on the TCP protocol. If it fails, the agent connection and the build fails as well. There are also issues with...
Running Jenkins with Java 10 and 11 (experimental support)
As you probably know, we will have a Jenkins and Java 10+ online hackathon this week. In order to enable early adopters to try out Jenkins with new Java versions, we have updated Jenkins core and Docker packages. Starting from Jenkins 2.127, weekly releases can be launched with Java 10 and Java 11 (preview). Although there are some known compatibility issues, the packages are ready for evaluation and exploratory testing. This article explains how to run Jenkins with Java 10 and 11 using Docker images and WAR files. It also lists known issues and provides contributor guidelines. Running in Docker In order to simplify testing, we have created a new jenkins/jenkins-experimental repository on...

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