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Plugin Information

View Harvest SCM on the plugin site for more information.

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This plugin allows you to use CA Harvest as a SCM.

Configuring the Harvest Plugin

First things first - install the plugin, either through the Jenkins plugin administration, or manually.

Configuring the Harvest Settings

Select Manage Jenkins from the main menu, then select Configure System from the options presented:

 If the plugin was installed properly, you should find a section on this page for Harvest which looks like this:


Configuring a Build to Use Harvest

Once the server settings are configured, new builds can choose it for pulling down code. Create a new build, give it a job name, and select the type of build (free-style, maven2, etc) and click OK. On the subsequent screen, you'll see a section called Source Code Management where you can select Harvest. Select Harvest, and the following options will appear:

Change Log

Version 0.3 (Mar 3, 2010)

  • Update code for more recent Hudson

Version 0.2.7 (Sep 5, 2009)


  1. Unknown User (abrugger)

    Does anyone try this plugin on a Solaris Machine, Hudson running under Glassfish? When I launch a build configure with a Harvest SCM, I have the following exception:
    "FileNotFoundExecption /../hco.log file"

    I looked at the code and indeed the code read this file to retrieve information about the harvest checkout.
    Harvest command launched by Hudson is correct and working: I launched it on a command shell in the same directory with the same user and it is working(the hco.log file is created...)
    The exception tends to say that the process is 'too' fast and not waits the creation of this hco.log file, or something like that

    I managed to make it works under Windows XP, that's why I asked about Solaris/Glassfish?


  2. Unknown User (nissancedric@netscape.net)

    When running build on remote slave build fails with java io exception

    FileNotFoundExecption c:\temp\hudson\build\...\hco.log file cannot be opened.

    If i run the build on the master server only it works and if I copy a hco.log file to the master server and run another build it also works.

    Does the plug-in only expect to find the log file on the master server and not on the slave where it gets created?

    Both servers are running windows and my other builds that checkout from subversion work ok.

  3. Unknown User (leenash)

    When will the SCM/Harvest enhancements submitted by Tom Halliley be merged into this plugin?

  4. Unknown User (bycrikey)

    Any chance that we could allow for parameter expansion in this plugin?

    This would increase the usefulness of the plugin exponentially - allowing for dynamic selection of deployable artifacts. Our Harvest repository is on a remote server - environment variables wont do.

    It seems almost too obvious an omission - please reply to this query if there already some method of expanding parameters - I have tried every permutation I can think of.

  5. Unknown User (ashokekumars)


    Can some let us know what is the version of harvest supported by this plugin.