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Plugin Information

View HTTP POST on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin will allow you to publish the artifacts via HTTP POST to an URL.


Version 1.2 (Nov 25, 2014)

  • Increased connect timeout to 30 seconds.
  • Increased read timeout to 60 seconds.
  • Updated OkHttp to 2.1.0.
  • Decreased lowest compatible Jenkins release from 1.574 to 1.480.

Version 1.1 (Aug 12, 2014)

  • Add FileName to Content-Disposition for each FormData part.
  • Fixed time measurement.

Version 1.0 (Aug 07, 2014)

  • Initial version.


  1. Unknown User (slavd)

    Where does one specify the post URL? Or the artifacts to upload?

    This only gives a post-build action with no configurable settings

  2. Unknown User (rickybobpat)

    There is no description of what this plugin is for, or how to use it.

  3. Unknown User (mark_nellemann)

    I have made a small PHP script to receive and process the artifacts posted by this plugin.

    Perhaps it can show others how the plugin works or be used directly.

    My script is available here: https://bitbucket.org/mnellemann/jdeploy

  4. Unknown User (richardmoss)

    How can we log bugs for this plugin? The link above doesn't work as http-post-plugin isn't listed in JIRA as a valid component.

    I was trying to use this plugin, but in order to test it, I needed to use a URI with a port, e.g. http://localhost:52751/. However, using a port breaks with the stack trace below. Removing the port displays a 404 (as expected!) so it definitely seems to be an issue with having a port number in there. I also tried with a shorter port (81) but that didn't work either

    java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect
    at java.net.DualStackPlainSocketImpl.waitForConnect(Native Method)
    at java.net.DualStackPlainSocketImpl.socketConnect(Unknown Source)
    at java.net.AbstractPlainSocketImpl.doConnect(Unknown Source)
    at java.net.AbstractPlainSocketImpl.connectToAddress(Unknown Source)
    at java.net.AbstractPlainSocketImpl.connect(Unknown Source)
    at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.connect(Unknown Source)
    at java.net.SocksSocketImpl.connect(Unknown Source)
    at java.net.Socket.connect(Unknown Source)
    at com.squareup.okhttp.internal.Platform.connectSocket(Platform.java:105)
    at com.squareup.okhttp.Connection.connect(Connection.java:150)
    at com.squareup.okhttp.Connection.connectAndSetOwner(Connection.java:169)
    at com.squareup.okhttp.OkHttpClient$1.connectAndSetOwner(OkHttpClient.java:119)
    at com.squareup.okhttp.internal.http.RouteSelector.next(RouteSelector.java:134)
    at com.squareup.okhttp.internal.http.HttpEngine.connect(HttpEngine.java:314)
    at com.squareup.okhttp.internal.http.HttpEngine.sendRequest(HttpEngine.java:237)
    at com.squareup.okhttp.Call.getResponse(Call.java:233)
    at com.squareup.okhttp.Call.execute(Call.java:84)
    at jenkins.plugins.httppost.HttpPostPublisher.perform(HttpPostPublisher.java:97)
    at hudson.tasks.BuildStepMonitor$1.perform(BuildStepMonitor.java:20)
    at hudson.model.AbstractBuild$AbstractBuildExecution.perform(AbstractBuild.java:782)
    at hudson.model.AbstractBuild$AbstractBuildExecution.performAllBuildSteps(AbstractBuild.java:723)
    at hudson.model.Build$BuildExecution.post2(Build.java:185)
    at hudson.model.AbstractBuild$AbstractBuildExecution.post(AbstractBuild.java:668)
    at hudson.model.Run.execute(Run.java:1763)
    at hudson.model.FreeStyleBuild.run(FreeStyleBuild.java:43)
    at hudson.model.ResourceController.execute(ResourceController.java:98)
    at hudson.model.Executor.run(Executor.java:410)