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Plugin Information

View Green Balls on the plugin site for more information.

Changes Hudson to use green balls instead of blue for successful builds.

Jenkins job for Green Balls

Change log

  • 1.15 - Do not evaluate filters until all plugins have been augmented JENKINS-28422.
  • 1.14 - Prevent stack overflow when a colourblind user encounters a failed/unstable build and Jenkins is running in a vietnam4j based servlet container.
  • 1.13 – Fix transparency JENKINS-13941 and add chinese translation.
  • 1.12 – Fix NPE with Jenkins>=1.463 and security-enabled Jenkins.
  • 1.11 (2011-09-10) – Colorblind support.
  • 1.10 – Reverted ball color to pre 1.9 version. Thanks for all your feedback and interest! (smile)
  • 1.9 – Fixed images for Hudson 1.392 JENKINS-8400 and errors when running under Tomcat JENKINS-8364.
  • 1.8 – Fixed images not working in web containers with a non-root context. JENKINS-7846
  • 1.7 – Makes build time trend green for successful builds. Reported in Issue 6838. Thanks to Kohsuke for the implementation tip, which was spot on.
  • 1.6 – Added Cache-Control and Expires to all responses. Green balls should load as fast as other colors now.
  • 1.5 – Adds a Cache-Control header to hint to the browser that the green balls can be cached. Reported in Issue 4888.
  • 1.4 – Added servlet context to redirect url, to make it work if Hudson is not on the root context. Thanks to Peter Janes for the patch.


  1. Unknown User (naudo@naudo.de)

    This plugin doesn't have an image for small icons on hudson.

  2. Unknown User (eugeneh@tier-3.com)

    We've been using the small green balls, it shows up.

  3. Unknown User (tomq@teamwpc.co.uk)

    Only affects build details page, not dashboard.
    I installed this and was confused thinking it didn't work. Seems like the build details page (i.e like the picture above) works (though the loading of the icon is v slow – this is on version 1.5), but the dashboard page (where all of the jobs are displayd along with their curren status) still shows blue.
    As such, makes things worse as you have blue icons sometimes and green icons others...

    1. Unknown User (asgeirn)

      Make sure you clear your browser cache. The Green Balls plugin uses HTTP redirect trickery to do its job, and that only works if the browser actually tries to fetch the icons.

      1. Unknown User (tomq@teamwpc.co.uk)

        Can't make Google chrome pick them up, but if I try Internet Explorer (which I've never looked at hudson with before) then I certainly get all green, so it's a browser problem one way or the other.
        I've tried making google chrome clear its cache, but doesn't seem to have any effect.
        Green icons still load much slower than the others though.

        1. Unknown User (asgeirn)

          Strange. I use Chrome myself, and the green balls show up just fine.

          They do load slower, that's true. For every blue icon the plugin replaces, two requests are sent to the Hudson servlet container; one for the original blue one and one for the green one it gets redirected to.

          Because Hudson serves Expires headers that render caching ineffective this happens every time a green icon is requested, something I have reported in issue 4888.

        2. Unknown User (bwillis@teldio.com)

          Had the same issue, attempted 'hard' refreshes and it didn't do anything. Restarting the browser made it work in the end.

          1. Unknown User (asgeirn)

            Have you tried version 1.6? It employs some trickery to make cache expiration work "better".

            1. Unknown User (deezer)

              I had to clear the cache in Chromium to get the green balls to show in Chrome. Otherwise they showed as broken links.

  4. Unknown User (orangmalu)

    Can't seem to create an animated gif with the supplied sh scripts.
    Getting the following error:

    Invalid parameter - green.gif

    Could this be a bug ?

    Hope you can help, i would like to change the animated gif accordingly.

    1. Unknown User (asgeirn)

      What platform are you running on? I notice the make.sh script uses Bash syntax but states Bourne shell. On Linux this goes by undetected, but on other platforms it might not.

      It also depends on ImageMagick – do you have that installed?

      The workflow is:

      1. Make .gif from .svg using make.sh
      2. Make animated .gif from .gif using makeBalls.sh

      You could also do the conversion manually – take a look into makeFlash.sh for the necessary commands.

      1. Unknown User (orangmalu)

        I am using Windows (I know, shame on me..).

        I installed ImageMagick and created a Windows Bat file with the same behavior as the sh file and it works.

        Thanks for your help.

  5. Unknown User (coolbeans)

    Can someone add transparency to the images rather than a white background?

    Many Thanks

  6. Unknown User (drned)

    Hello all,

    does anybody know the reason (or the link to the right blog/article/page) why originaly the successful builds are marked in blue colour ? I mean why not in green, which seems to be the more intuitional colour for the success of any test procedure.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Unknown User (asgeirn)

      That's quite an interesting story in fact. You will find most of the details in JENKINS-369, but here is an abstract:

      Q. "Why do Japanese people say that they have blue traffic lights when they are really green?"--Question submitted by John Sypal

      A. According to the book, Japan From A to Z: Mysteries of Everyday Life Explained by James and Michiko Vardaman, the first traffic signals in Japan were blue instead of green, but the blue lights were difficult to see from a long distance away so they were replaced with green ones. Vardaman says that the custom of referring to traffic lights is a holdover from those days.
      This sounds like a good explanation, but the problem with it is that you will hear Japanese people refer to other green things (like cucumbers, spinach, and sometimes grass) as being blue as well. This is because historically, Japanese people considered green to be a shade of blue.

      1. Unknown User (drned)


        I see now - the answer of my questions seems to be buried deep in the history of Japanese culture. This little pinch of such a rich culture and history is very very interesting ...

        Best Regards,

  7. Unknown User (hejiepku@gmail.com)

    Hi, the green ball shows up~~

    some tips:
    1, Using IE, the green ball would immediately shows up
    2, Using Chrome, only the balls on build detail page is replaced into green,
    to replace all the blue balls into green balls, there is one solution(tested successfully)
    1), Chrome Tools->Clear browsing data, clear all
    2), restart Chrome
    then you could see the green balls on every pages~~



  8. Unknown User (brianc400)

    If you have color blind users they will likely prefer keeping the blue balls.

  9. Unknown User (ppapapetrou)


    After upgrading to v1.7 no green balls are displayed and instead of them the word success appears.

    Do I miss something in config?



    1. Unknown User (jminne)

      Fortunately someone opened a bug:  http://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-7846

      You can add yourself to the watch list there.

      1. Unknown User (asgeirn)

        There is a snapshot build available from the issue link. I'd appreciate if anyone not using the standard Winstone version could test this one for me.

    2. Unknown User (devdanke)

      I get same error after upgrading to v1.7 on Hudson v1.3.81 on Tomcat 6 on Solaris 10: No green ball on any page. 

      The green balls did not appear in FF or Chrome, even after cache clearing.

      But uninstalling Green Balls plugin v1.7 and manually installing plugin v1.6, FIXED the problem:-)

  10. Unknown User (andrey pugach)

    1.7 doesn't work, no green balls appear at all. And "Test Result Trend" green color is not green now but light-green.

    1. Unknown User (wemu)

      same here. with Hudson ver. 1.381 no more green balls (sad)
      (tried both 1.7 and a a downgrade to 1.6)

    2. Unknown User (asgeirn)

      The trend graph color is the most prominent color from the green ball. I'll happily change it if you think another shade of green would be more representative.

  11. Unknown User (gpkirk)

    I have Hudson 1.381 and upgraded to Green Balls 1.7. The green balls didn't appear so I downgraded to greenballs down to 1.6 and now i see green balls again. All I did was copy the 1.6 greenballs.hpi from http://hudson-ci.org/download/plugins/greenballs into the ~/.hudson/plugins folder and then restart Hudson.

  12. Unknown User (thomas)

    Same problem here after upgrade to Green Balls 1.7. The green balls didn´t appear (sad) Could you please fix it.

  13. Unknown User (cforce)

    Using Hudson 1.381, 1.382 and Greenballs 1.7 unable to show icons for green balls. When opening the icon itself its says..

    Exception report


    description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


    java.lang.IllegalStateException: getWriter() has already been called for this response

  14. Unknown User (aabrowne)

  15. Unknown User (aabrowne)

  16. Unknown User (liya@tikalk.com)

    Hudson 1.392 and the latest GreenBalls - no green balls, the balls are blue.
    Downgrading to GreenBalls 1.6 didn't help this time (sad)
    Is this going to be fixed??

    1. Unknown User (supertux88)

      I have builded a patched version: http://benjamin.coding4coffee.ch/div/greenballs.hpi

      The new images are .png (smile)

      1. Unknown User (liya@tikalk.com)

        The URL is broken...

        1. Unknown User (supertux88)

          I have deleted it because there is an official version now.

          1. Unknown User (liya@tikalk.com)

    2. Unknown User (asgeirn)

      Fixed in version 1.9. Hudson has changed image format for the blue balls, which resulted in the green ball filter not triggering.

      1. Unknown User (liya@tikalk.com)

        1.9 is still not available here: http://hudson-ci.org/download/plugins/greenballs/ or by Hudson plugins updates..

        1. Unknown User (asgeirn)

          Could you try again? It has been picked up on the two Hudson servers I maintain. You might need to go to the Advanced tab and force a manual update of the update center file.

      2. Unknown User (voorth)

        The new green balls have a different color palette as compared to the old version - there is is a definite banding effect. Only the "building" blink icon has retained its old, warmer look....

      3. Unknown User (ajaydwarkani@gmail.com)

        Green balls are only seen on build information page and not on "All project view" page.

        1. Unknown User (asgeirn)

          Make sure you empty your browser's cache – it might not re-request the images from the Hudson web server.

          1. Unknown User (ajaydwarkani@gmail.com)

            Thanks that worked.

  17. Unknown User (liya@tikalk.com)

    Thanks! Forcing the manual update of the update center file worked, and now we have the green balls.
    The old look was much nicer indeed..

  18. Unknown User (fmhome)


    Thanks for updating the images as per...
    "Newest Hudson has replaced .gif images with .png. I'll make an updated version that works with these links as well."

    This is now fixed in v1.9 of the plugin. The only problem I see from aesthetic point of view, as it changed the Green color contrast and using a different RGB values than the original one in v1.8.
    The new green color is quite sharp and it just doesn't go well with the other green color on the Hudson UI.

    I am hoping if this can be taken care of in say v1.10.
    My guess is, this maybe because of the file format change from .gif to .png and it really doesn't look good compared to the last release.

  19. Unknown User (fmhome)

    I also noticed that, the blinking Green balls (while job is running) are the original color balls that it should retain. The steady Green ball should have the same color as the blinking ones.

  20. Unknown User (fmhome)

    Thanks for cleaning this up and releasing the new version.

  21. Unknown User (exotic)


    I've enhanced this plugin with color blind support - in Hudson global configuration in visible checkbox with meaning "Support color blind people". When checkbox is unticked then plugin works as before and when it's ticked then in the middle of each ball (also anime) is displayed abbreviation of result (S | U | F). Of course instead of characters can be visible there rectangle, square or whatever. I would like delegate this change on better graphic designer. Now my question is whether this change can be part of next greenballs plugin release? 

    1. Unknown User (asgeirn)

      Thanks for your contribution. Can you make a patch or pull request in Github?


      1. Unknown User (exotic)

        Pull request sent. Just check my changes...

  22. Unknown User (rmyung)

    I agree with the comments about the green color being a little too bright.

    I am also using the Compact Columns plugin, which changes the color of text depending on success or failure and was surprised that the text was also changed to green.  It's a green that's a little hard to read.

  23. Unknown User (whardwick)

    Great plugin.  No idea why Jenkins switched to blue balls in the first place!  I'd like to vote for darker balls as well though... these are a little bright.

    1. Unknown User (fcamblor)

      see this blog post on jenkins blog :-)

  24. Unknown User (forever_xt)

    Many Thanks, I like green one.

  25. Unknown User (rrialq)

    Using Jenkins LTS 1.466.2, I can not access the green ball image without login in Jenkins. Jenkins redirect the original blue image url to a protected url, for the green ball image.

    I am accessing Jenkins through remote API, showing the ball icons. Jenkins expose these images as not protected resources, but the plugin protect the green ball icon.

    1. Unknown User (igor_dzyuba)

      I've faced the same issue. But after some research I've found out that this is not GreenBall plugin issue. The same behavior we can see for other images (findbugs, checkstyle etc).

      The root of such issue in Jenkins security settings. This issue appears  if we have Matrix-based security enabled with no rights for Anonymous. But if you give to  Anonymous the Overall Read rights - all images can be freely accessed by users w/o login to jenkins.

      Maybe it makes sense, but  sometimes it is not comfortable. I think will be better if jenkins provide free access to all image resources in all plugins by default w/o any rights to Anonymous (as it does for own images)

      1. Unknown User (rrialq)

        Thank you, Igor. Previously I've overwritten the blue balls icons with the green balls icons, so this plugin it is not necessary. But this is necessary every time I upgrade Jenkins.