Jenkins : Governance Board

As per the Jenkins project governance document, the project has a board consisting of three members who can be contacted confidentially by emailing

Current board members

Contacting the board

The Jenkins governance board can be contacted via email:

Election process

As of this writing, there has not yet been a board election since the Jenkins project took on its current governance structure.

The Board Election Process page provides the most recent proposal.


In accordance with the Team Leads structure (original proposal here) the following individuals have been empowered with executive authority by the Governance Board


Officer: Unknown User (danielbeck)
Term: 2017-12-15 - 2018-12-15


Officer: Unknown User (atong)
Term: 2016-02-24 - 2017-02-24


Officer: Unknown User (olivergondza)
Term: 2016-03-30 - 2017-03-30