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The Google Compute Engine (GCE) Plugin allows you to use GCE virtual machines (VMs) with Jenkins to execute build tasks. GCE VMs provision quickly, are destroyed by Jenkins when idle, and offer Preemptible VMs that run at a much lower price than regular VMs.

Plugin Information

View Google Compute Engine on the plugin site for more information.

Consult the google-compute-engine-plugin repository on GitHub for documentation.


  1. Unknown User (yeshy1987)

    While trying to add the new GCE cloud using the added credentials, getting the error: com.google.jenkins.plugins.credentials.oauth.GoogleRobotPrivateKeyCredentials$AccountIdNotSetException.

    Steps were followed as detailed above.

    JRE: 1.8.0_131

    Jenkins version: 2.89.2

    GCE Plugin version: 1.0.1

    1. Unknown User (julian_liu)

      You probably want to check this tutorial


      I encountered same problems as you, but tutorial link above works for me. 


  2. Unknown User (jbw976)

    Does the Google Compute Engine Plugin support adding additional disks in addition to the boot disk?  If not, are there recommendations for how to bring up GCE instances from Jenkins that have additional disks? Thanks!

  3. Unknown User (bdronneau)


    Do you know how many time Jenkins wait until launch a second instance ?



  4. Unknown User (szabgab)

    What is the "Launch Timeout" ?

    The current explanation is "The number of seconds a new node has to provision and come online." 

    So what happens if it does not provision within that timeout?