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Plugin Information

View Global Slack Notifier on the plugin site for more information.


 This plugin adds the function to automatically notify completion to Slack to all jobs. 


  1. Setup Slack Plugin
  2. Setup Global Slack Messages in Global Configuration
  3. Any build notifies slack completion without any job configuration 

Global Slack Messages

  1. Set XXXMessage
  2. Check notify on build XXX
  3. Set channel notifying, if necessary.(Default channel is Slack Plugin's Channel)
  • XXX is build result





  1. It's a nice idea, but I can’t use this plug-in without a line like this in messages: "Success after 1 min 51 sec (Open)" which Slack Plug-in does. Build time, which is very important, is not available in build variables (http://localhost:8080/env-vars.html/). Can you take this as a feature request?

    1. Unknown User (marimoiro)

      Thank you!

      I add the function to this plugin. Please. wait for reflection or use https://github.com/Marimoiro/GlobalSlackNotifierPlugin/blob/master/global-slack-notifier.hpi

  2. Unknown User (djr2)

    Would it be possible to add a section for notify on build started?