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Plugin Information

View GitHub Status Wrapper on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin allows pipeline and freestyle jobs to wrap arbitrary steps or builders. The plugin will then notify GitHub via a status message the result of the steps/builders

See the GitHub Readme for more info!

gitStatusWrapper makes your life easier!

stage('EZPZ Updates') {
    steps {
        gitStatusWrapper(credentialsId: 'github-token', gitHubContext: 'Status', description: 'Validating') {
            sh "./do_stuff.sh"

Stop calling githubNotify 3+ times

stage('Annoying status updates') {
    script {
      try {
        githubNotify(credentialsId: 'github-token', context: 'Status', description: 'Validating', status: 'PENDING')
        sh "./do_stuff.sh"
        githubNotify(credentialsId: 'github-token', context: 'Status', description: 'Validating', status: 'SUCCESS')
      catch (Exception e) {
        githubNotify(credentialsId: 'github-token', gitHubContext: 'Status', description: 'Validating', status: 'FAILURE')

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