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Plugin Information

View Filesystem List Parameter on the plugin site for more information.

This plugin lists file, directory or symlink names of a directory selectable for parameter.

Change Log

Version 0.0.4 (February 23, 2018)
  • Compatibility changes JENKINS-49649 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Version 0.0.3 (September 5, 2014)
Version 0.0.2 (June 1, 2014)
  • Add regular expression exclude and include filter for filesystem objects
    • Include and exclude pattern - regular expression to filter filesystem objects
      • Regular expression will be checked with "java.util.regex.Pattern.compile(regex)"
Version 0.0.1 (March 31, 2014)
  • Initial release

The filesystem-list-parameter-plugin lists file system object names of a directory. One of the object names can be selected as build parameter. In addition the objects can be filtered: ALL, DIRECTORY, FILE, SYMLINK. The order of the list can be reversed.

Here is a screenshot of the configuration page.

  • Name and Description should be clear
  • Path to the directory to select filesystem objects
  • Filesystem object type - filter for type of the file system objects that can be selected.
  • Sort by last modified date - If true, the list of the parameter values will be sorted by last modified file attribute. Default order is alphabetic sort by parameter value.
  • Sort in reverse order - If true, the list of the parameter values will be sorted in reverse order.


  1. Love the plugin - great idea.

    Feature Suggestion:

    - Multiple file selection via checkbox.

    - Expose filenames as "FILE1" "FILE2" or something similar.

  2. Another feature request - add the option for custom string selected by default.

    This would help if you want the user to be forced to consciously select a value.

  3. Needs to be able to eval variables for the directory list. It also only looks at the Jenkins master for the directory list.

  4. Great plugin, It would be great if we could list the files of slaves dynamically. 

    If a user has selected a slave as a parameter, we should be able to list remote directories and files.

  5. It would be greate, if this plugin could support listing folders/files from googcle buckets.
    Any chance to see this feature to be implemented?

  6. Shame it doesn't list dirs from slave node (sad)

  7. Is DSL support available?